International Business Management

Year: 2012
Volume: 6
Issue: 2
Page No. 147 - 149

E-Learning-Enable Learning to all

Authors : B. Sumathisri

Abstract: Given the increasing economic globalization and restructuring in the world political and economic systems and the requirements for knowledge and information within that system, educational needs (in terms of structure, function, curriculum and approach) at all levels, especially at the tertiary level have changed. These educational requirements for the workforce of the future are extremely important. Technology is a tool which should become part of the educational and research processes. But it is necessary to ensure that all hard and software is equally available to all. The use of e-Learning is reemerging as a solution for delivering online, hybrid and synchronous learning regardless of physical location, time of day or digital reception or distribution device type. Also, many institutions and enterprises are turning to e-Learning to engage learners with ideas and information. It also acts as a bridge for the educational gap between the rural and urban areas. Thus, e does not stand for electronic alone. The e in e-Learning would be better demand as evolving or everywhere or enhanced or extended.

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B. Sumathisri , 2012. E-Learning-Enable Learning to all. International Business Management, 6: 147-149.

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