International Journal of Soft Computing

Year: 2008
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
Page No. 74 - 77

A New Method of Image Denoising Based on Fuzzy Logic

Authors : S. Lakshmiprabha

Abstract: Nonlinear techniques have recently assumed significance as they are able to suppress Gaussian noise which is also called as white additive noise to preserve important signal elements such as edges and fine details and eliminate degradations occurring during signal formation or transmission through nonlinear channels. Among nonlinear techniques, the fuzzy logic based approaches are important as they are capable of reasoning with vague and uncertain information. This study presents a new fuzzy filter for suppressing noise in lena image and satellite image to show the feasibility of the proposed noise reduction using Fuzzy filter approach and compare it with the existing Mean, Median Filter and Non-Local means Algorithm. This filtering method is more efficient to remove the noise for low noise levels.

How to cite this article:

S. Lakshmiprabha , 2008. A New Method of Image Denoising Based on Fuzzy Logic . International Journal of Soft Computing, 3: 74-77.

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