Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2011
Volume: 10
Issue: 10
Page No. 1250 - 1252

Study on Normal Fractional Shortening of Dare Shuri Racehorse

Authors : Aboozar Dehghan, Ali Rezakhani, Siavash Sharifi and Mehdi Zarifi Kalyani

Abstract: Echocardiography has been used in veterinary medicine since 30 years ago and is used in horse and cow frequently. Fractional shortening is a particular value for evaluation of cardiomyopathy and left ventricle performance in echocardiography. This study was conducted to evaluate the echocardiography in Dare Shuri horse. Ten male and ten female horses (dare shuri breed) were examined clinically and electrocardiographically. The horses that were found healthy were examined echocardiographically. Echocardiography was performed using B.K. Medical machine (mini focus model) and 2-4 MHZ multi frequency phased array transducer. The horses were assessed by two-dimensional echocardiography (2-D) and M-mode echocardiography using standardized imaging planes. Mean values, standard deviations, 95% confidence interval for the means and 95% confidence interval for the cardiac parameters measured in the population were calculated. Furthermore, a general linear model was conducted considering sex, age and body weight of the horses as independent variables and the echocardiographic measurements as dependent variables. Multivariate linear regression analysis was performed with the level of significance at p<0.05 for all the null hypotheses. Reference ranges were established for 2 echocardiographic parameters including left ventricle internal diameter in systole and diastole and fractional shortening. Weak linear relationships between echocardiographic measurements and body weight were observed for fractional shortening. Linear regressions on these parameters were used to calculate the 95% confidence intervals for the predicted values. Age and sex were not showed significant regression with fractional shortening. The data collected in this study provide reference values for the evaluation of dare shuri racehorses. Most echocardiographic parameters and left ventricular measurement can not be affected significantly by body weight in this homogeneous population.

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Aboozar Dehghan, Ali Rezakhani, Siavash Sharifi and Mehdi Zarifi Kalyani, 2011. Study on Normal Fractional Shortening of Dare Shuri Racehorse. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 10: 1250-1252.

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