Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2020
Volume: 15
Issue: 8
Page No. 1962 - 1971

Simulation the Effect of Vibroacoustic on Space Vehicle Structures

Authors : Mahmoud Fadhel Edan

Abstract: In this research, the MATLAB Software was used to simulate the effect of vibroacoustic excitation on space vehicle structures that were able to be represented by using lumped-parameter representation is studied. A ceramic tile which had been created as a portion of the warm assurance framework of the space carry was utilized. These tiles were exclusively joined to the boards of the orbiter through an adaptable cushion. Predicated form direct irregular vibration modules were defined to foresee tile vibrations and energetic stresses due to the broadband acoustic field on the external surface and the base excitation on the reinforced surface. The analytic models were utilized to anticipate vibrations and energetic stresses on chosen tiles. The same representation was used to predict vibrations and dynamic stresses of a payload mass. Finally, conditions were established as to the accuracy of the predicted-form technique.

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Mahmoud Fadhel Edan , 2020. Simulation the Effect of Vibroacoustic on Space Vehicle Structures. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 15: 1962-1971.

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