Research Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2008
Volume: 3
Issue: 5
Page No. 500 - 503

Relationship Between Job Characteristics with the Personnel Burnout

Authors : M. Nekoei-Moghadam , M. Nasrolah Poor and V. Sadeghi

Abstract: The fatigue and apathy resulted from carrying out the tasks exert mental pressure on the personnel originating occupational burnout. The rigorous mental pressures aggravated by the nature, type or improper situation of the career inflict the personnel a state called burnout. The sufferers of which abate and their skills are not fully practiced. This research has been accomplished in winter of 2007 aiming at scrutinizing the correlation of career attributes with the personnel burnout of Gol Gohar Iron ore Compound in Sirjan District of Kerman Province in Iran. This research has examined 1875 of Gol Gohar Compound personnel chosen applying random classified sampling method appropriate to the class volume which contained 178 individuals. To collect data it used, Halkman questionnaire with validity 0/ 87 and reliability 0/91 and it used Meslatch burnout questionnaire with validity 0/89 and reliability 0/ 95. Data analysis was performed applying descriptive deductive statistics. The results indicate that the skill variety, task significant and autonomy, effectually inform the personnel occupational burnout (p<0/ 05). However, no correlation has been discerned between the task identity and feedback with burnout (p>0/05). The results denote positive and significant correlation between the career attributes and the personnel’s occupational burnout. The superior the career qualities are, the less probably the personnel are inflicted with occupational burnout.

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M. Nekoei-Moghadam , M. Nasrolah Poor and V. Sadeghi , 2008. Relationship Between Job Characteristics with the Personnel Burnout. Research Journal of Biological Sciences, 3: 500-503.

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