Research Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2008
Volume: 3
Issue: 5
Page No. 537 - 542

Psychological Condition of Students of Fatherless (Martyr) Families

Authors : Mohammad Narimani and Saeid Sadeghieh Ahari

Abstract: The main goal of present study is to compare psychological condition of student from fatherless families (whose father has been martyred) and non- fatherless families. Statistical society consists of all male and female students (fatherless and non- fatherless) who were studying in middle and high school of Ardabil at 2001. They were studying in Schools for Martyr’s children. One group consist of children whose father has been martyred (fatherless group as case group) that were selected through census method and another group, children whose father were alive (non- fatherless group as control) that were studying in the same school and selected through simple random sampling method. This is a causal-comparative study as father’s condition (martyred or alive) is independent variable and psychological condition is dependent variable. Also, researcher edited questionnaire and Woodworth test were used to collect data. Results showed that feeling of self-worth were higher among non- fatherless children. There is significant difference between fatherless and non- fatherless groups for psycasthenia and obsession, withdrawal tendencies, depression and aggression (p<0.05) implying that non- fatherless students have better condition for above issues than fatherless students. There is significant difference between two groups of fatherless families whose members had desirable and undesirable relationships with each other, for emotional reactivity, psycastenia and obsession, paranoid tendencies, depression and aggressive tendencies (p<0.05). Among fatherless children who were enjoying strong, moderate and weak family support differences significantly emerged in emotional reactivity, psycasthenia, obsession, withdrawal and paranoid and aggressive tendencies and depression. It means that students whose family support was strong had better condition in mentioned psychological issues.

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Mohammad Narimani and Saeid Sadeghieh Ahari , 2008. Psychological Condition of Students of Fatherless (Martyr) Families. Research Journal of Biological Sciences, 3: 537-542.

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