Veterinary Research

Year: 2017
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
Page No. 6 - 14

Lymphoid organs, broiler chickens, pathology, epithelial desquamation, disease

Authors : Basharat Maqbool and M.M. Darzi

Abstract: The study was conducted to assess the pathological status of lymphoid organs in commonly encountered diseases of broiler chickens in Kashmir valley. Three types of disease outbreaks included Infectious bursal disease, Newcastle disease and Collibacillosis were studied. A total of 500 broiler chickens from each disease outbreak were examined. In case of IBD, the gross and histopathological changes were mainly in bursa of Fabricius which included enlargement, oedema, congestion, haemorrhages, necrosis, epithelial desquamation and lymphocyte depletion followed by changes in thymus, spleen, caecal tonsils and Harderian gland. In Newcastle disease, the severity of lesions like enlargement, stippled appearance, congestion, necrosis and lymphocyte depleted areas were more in spleen and caecal tonsils whereas in Collibacillosis the changes were more detectable in spleen viz; enlargement, stippled appearance, congestion and necrotic areas. Qualitative increase was observed in neutral and acid mucopolysaccharides and acid phosphatase activity while alkaline phosphatase showed mild activity in inflammatory epithelial areas of bursa, caecal tonsils and harderian gland in all the three disease outbreaks.

How to cite this article:

Basharat Maqbool and M.M. Darzi, 2017. Lymphoid organs, broiler chickens, pathology, epithelial desquamation, disease. Veterinary Research, 10: 6-14.

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