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Research Journal of Applied Sciences (2018 Volume 13)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1815-932x (Print)
ISSN : 1993-6079 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 5 Issue 2, 2010
Assessment of Levels of Cadmium and Mercury of Two Estuaries in Two Regions of Ghana
A. Sam, D.K. Dodoo, D.K. Essumang, C.K. Adokoh, G. Doe Nutifafa and Y. Ameyaw
Modeling the Impacts of Ringlet Reservoir on Downstream Hydraulic Capacity of Bertam River Using XPSWMM in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Othman Jaafar, Mohd. Ekhwan Toriman, S.A. Sharifah Mastura, Muhamad Barzani Gazim, Pan Ia Lun, Pauzi Abdullah, Mohd Khairul Amri Kamarudin and Nor Azlina Abdul Aziz
Foreign Trade Sectors and Economic Growth
Sabri Azgun and Nurullah Ozbey
Voltammetric Detection of Hg (ii) at C60, Activated Carbon and MWCNT Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode
Muhammed Mizher Radhi, Wee Tee Tan, Mohamad Zaki, B. Ab Rahman and Anuar Bin Kassim
A New Simulated Annealing with Analytical Method for Identification of Unknown Ferromagnetic Parameters
Naamane Mohdeb and Mohammed Rachide Mekideche
Influence of Demographic Factors on the Lifestyles of Tertiary Institutions Students in Kwara State, Nigeria: Educational Media and Counseling Interventions
Shehu Raheem Adaramaja, Onasanya Samuel Adenubi, Yahaya Lasiele Alabi, Ogunsakin Emmanuel Adeola and Oniyangi Shuaib Olanrewaju
A Futuristic View of Change in Energy Consumption and Related Energy Intensity in Bangladesh Using Complete Decomposition Model (CDM)
Shaikh Khosruzzaman, M. Ali Asgar, Naimul Karim and Shawkat Akbar
Evaluation of Sector Wise Energy Saving and Energy Rebound Effect in Bangladesh by Three Dimensional Decomposition Method
Shaikh Khosruzzaman, M. Ali Asgar, Naimul Karim, M. Arif Asgar and Shawkat Akbar
Development of Overhead Gantry as Complementary Equipment to Indoor Soil Bin Facility
S.I. Manuwa and A.A. Ajisafe
Electrical Characterization of Vacuum Thermally Deposited Aluminium Thin Film
J.A. Amusan, A.S. Olayinka, Y.P. Nwambo, S.O. Alayande, O.D. Ojuh, C.C. James, A. Ibiyemi, O.R. Adetunji, A.A. Fagbulu and W.B. Ayinde
Income Distribution Analysis of Collaborative Forest Management Programme in Mt. Elgon National Park, Uganda: Dual Action for Poverty Alleviation and Environment Management
Mukadasi Buyinza
Aperformance Ratings of an Autocovariance Base Estimator (ABE) in the Estimation of GARCH Model Parameters When the Normality Assumption is Invalid
Daniel Eni
Industrial Ionising Radiation Activity: A Case Study of Western Geophysical Industry in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
F.B. Sigalo and M.A. Briggs- Kamara
Sources of Technical Efficiency among Smallholder Maize Farmers in Osun State of Nigeria
Olatomide Waheed Olowa and Omowumi Ayodele Olowa
Physicochemical Properties and Fatty Acid Profile of Hyptis spicigera Seed Oil
Z. Ladan, E.M. Okonkwo, J.O. Amupitan, E.O. Ladan and B. Aina
Lineament Mapping Using Multispectral Remote Sensing Satellite Data
Maged Marghany and Mazlan Hashim
Acceleration of Wound Healing Potential of Benzyl N'-(Indol-3-Ylmethylidene)- Hydrazinecarbodithioate Derivatives in Experimental Rats
Fathi Farag Mughrabi, Harita Hashim, Mahmood Ameen, Hamid Khaledi and Hapipah Mohd. Ali
Heavy Metal Levels in Animal Muscle Tissue: A Case Study of Nigerian Raised Cattle
D.O. Nwude, P.A.C. Okoye and J.O. Babayemi
An Enhanced Packet Forwarding Scheme Using Random Way Point Mobility Model With AODV in Mobile Ad-hoc Network
S. Karthik, A. Kowshika and C. Maheswari