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The Social Sciences (2018 Volume 13)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1818-5800 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-6125 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 3 Issue 2, 2008
Sustaining Children`s Interest in Mathematics Via Interactive Activities
A.A. Popoola
Socio-Psychological Determinants of ESL Pragmatic Competence in Nigeria
O. Fakeye David
Bureaucracy and Good Governance the Summum Bonum for Accelerating the Tempo of Development: An Overview on Bangladesh
Kazi Nazmul Huda , Mirza Tariq Beg and Monir Ahmed
Nigerian Population Dynamics and its Implication for Development
D.K. Shangodoyin , , O.I. Shittu and Oluwayemisi O. Alaba
Self-Concept and Locus of Control as Correlates of Reproductive Health Knowledge of Students in Nigerian Universities
F.N. Ugoji
Homesteading, Ad Coelum, Owning Views and Forestalling
Walter Block
The Use of the Kufic Script, an Element of Islamic Ornament in Turkish Rug Art
Sema Etikan
Religious Conflicts in Nigeria and its Implications for Political Stability
Abdulrasheed A. Muhammad
Nigerian Teachers` Attitude Towards Environmental Sustainability Issues in the Curriculum
Iroha Kalu , L.E. Uwatt and A.E. Asim
The Intellectual Dimensions of Corruption in Nigeria
J. Shola Omotola
Women and Transport: A Characterisation of the Determinants of Women`s Tendency to Interact Spatially in Akure, Nigeria
Eno Okoko
The Urban Storm Water Crisis and the Way Out: Empirical Evidences from Ondo Town, Nigeria
Eno Okoko
Husbandry and Trade of Cattle in the Northeastern Part of Thailand
Terdchai Panthachai , Songkoon Chantachon and Worapol Aengwanich
An Evaluation of the Relevance of Traditional Rulership Institution in the Nigerian State: A Case Study of Edo State
Aidelokhai Dennis Idonije
Communication Services a Comparitve Study Between the Perceptions of Rural and Urban Mobile Phone Customers in Tamil Nadu
S. Muthumani and N. Thangavel
Multi-Criteria Assessment of Community Forestry Program in Uganda
Buyinza Mukadasi and Lucy Mulugo
Development and Validation of the Students` Attitudes Toward Social Studies Scale (SAT3S)
Folajogun V. Falaye
Factors Affecting Child Mortality and Schooling of Rural Chakma in CHT, Bangladesh
Nazrul Islam Mondal , Atikur Rahman Khan and Jefarson Chakma
Effects of River Erosion on Houses: A Case Study of Asa River Catchment in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria
H.I. Jimoh
Relationship among the Personality Traits of Inmates in Nigeria Prisons
Tenibiaje Dele Joseph
Effective Teaching of Geography in Secondary Schools in Ondo State, Nigeria
T.O. Adeyemi