International Business Management (2021 Volume 15)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1993-5250 (Print)
  • ISSN: XXXX-XXXX (Online)
Archive (Volume 10 Issue 8, 2016)

The Study of Relationship Between Corporate Characteristics and Voluntary Disclosure in Tehran Stock Exchange

Ziba Ebrahimabadi and Abdorreza Asadi

Investigating the Effect of Quality of Relationship with Customers on Satisfaction and Loyalty of Zahedan Tejarat Bank Customers

Mohammad Reza Sargazi and Zahra Vazifeh

Clustering Customers by C-Mean Method (Case Study: Golestan Company)

Mansour Momeni, Sahar Yazdani and Maryam Faridi Khorshidi

Grate Effect of Special Consumer in the Market

Hamid Saeedi and SoheylaAyazi- Nasrabadi

Examination of the Relationship Between Employees’ Professional Ethics Components and Organizational Identity in Top-Tours Company

Mohammad Mahmoudi Maymand, Nazanin Sadat Fatehi and Elham Zarif Chenarani Mashed

Examine the Effect of Individual Creativity on Job Performance with the Mediating Role of Ethical Leadership of Headquarters Staff of Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences

Hamid Taboli and Mostafa Zaerizadeh

Implementation of Fuzzy Activity-Based Costing (FABC) Model in Ordibehesht Hospital of Shiraz

Parisa Akbarzadeh and Mahmood Hematfar

A Study of the Factors Affecting Walnut Production in Iran

Mahmoud Bakhshinejad

The Relationship Between the Growth of Exports and Economic Growth in the Period 1981-2013

Mustafa Dynarbor and Mortaza Sabari

Academic Balance Scorecard (ABS): A New Approach to Performance Appraisal of an Academic in the Sri Lankan Context

Senarath Chathuri Lasanthika and Patabendige Sugeeth Saranga

The Impact of Timely Identification of Unrealized Losses on Firms Financial Flexibility

Khadije Rabie and Zeinab Bozorgpour

An Analysis of the Relationship Between Supply Chain Agility and Leanness and Supply Chain Performance in the Industrial Plants of Hormozgan Province

Milad Pour Abdollah and Seyed Javad Iran Ban Fard

Analysis of the Relationship of Supply Chain Management with Competitive Advantage and Financial Performance of Companies (Case Study: The Manufacturing and Industrial Companies of Hormozgan Province)

Negin Jashnsadeh and Seyed Javad Iranban Fard

Assessment of Internal Auditor of Sepah Bank by the Independent Auditor Belief Functions Method

Yahya Hassas Yeganeh, Reza Habibi and Donya Haji Shahverdi

The Relationship Between Consumer Innovation and New Product Acceptance (Case Study: Smartphone Consumers, Especially Iran)

Panteha Saadati and Hamid Saeedi

Studying the Relationship of Organizational Culture and Employee Efficiency Based on Robbins’ Model in the National Oil Products Distribution Company in Mazandaran Province

Zinat Ghomi and Touraj Amani

Investigation of the Effect of Leverage and CEO Education on Shareholders Return of Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Mohammad Dokht Shakibjoo and Maryam Hassanzadeh

Predictive Behavioral Performance: Is the Religious Dimension Can Be Predicted Behavioral Performance Organizations? (Case Study: Insurance Staff Iran of Ardabil Province)

Mehdi Hadad Oskooi and Habib Ebrahimpour

Investigation of the Influence of Accruals Profit on Prediction of Future Operational Profit

Iman Azadvar

The Impact of Governmental Venture Capital on Innovative Young Firms Growth

Leila Yazdani and Sulaiman Aris

A Review on Advantages, Problems and Perspectives of Human Resource Accounting

Hamid Yousefimanesh

The Factors Affecting the Strategic Alignment and Competition While Collaborating in International Trading Companies

Mohammad Ali Abdolvand and Seyed Mohammad Hosein Mousavi

The Internal Conditions of e-Book Publishing in Iran

Parvin Khalesi and Mohammad Bagher Babaei Talatapeh

Investigating the Factors Affecting the Ethical Decision-Making of Insurance Salespeople (A Case Study of Iran Insurance Company)

Hadi Sagi and Ahmad Nateq Golestan

The Relationship Between Human Resources Empowerment and Organizational Agility (Case Study: Imam Khomeini Relief Committee)

Mohammad Reza Ghanbari and Abdolali Keshtegar

Knowledge Management Impact on Ethical Values Establishment in Organizations

Sanaz Mazaheri

Studying Knowledge Sharing Behavior Based on Personality Constructs in Project Oriented Organizations

Mehdi Abzari, Arash Shahin and Ali Abasaltian

The Mediating Role of Religious Orientation on the Relationship Between Luxury Values and Buying Behavior in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Abdellatif Abu Auf, Salniza Bt Md. Salleh and Rushami Zien Yusoff