International Business Management (2021 Volume 15)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1993-5250 (Print)
  • ISSN: XXXX-XXXX (Online)
Archive (Volume 10 Issue 15, 2016)

Brand Religiosity Aura of Sharia Banking

Sri Wahyuni

Sustainability and Adequacy of the Spanish Pension System

Jose-Maria Montero and Javier Santacruz

The Implication of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Network Collaboration on Firm Innovativeness in Knowledge Intensive Business Services

Md Noh Ab. Majid and Mohd Ghani Awang

Competitive Advantage in a Credit Cooperative: The Role of Resources

Simone Sehnem, Darlan Roman, Alyne Sehnem and Nelson Santos Machado

Technician Career Progression System in Kellogg Malaysia A Study on Required Competencies and Outcomes

Dashathri Arunandy and Rosmini Omar

Modeling of Asynchronous Business Cyclesbased on G. Mensch Metamorphosis Model

L.A. Enikeeva, K.O. Korovin and A.A. Petryakov

A Holistic Approach to Determine the Relationship of Sociobiographical Variables with Role Ambiguity and Role Conflict

Nasser S. Al-Kahtani and Zafrul Allam

Determinants of Customer Brand Engagement in Social Media Sites: A Conceptual Framework

Sudarsan Jayasingh and R. Venkatesh

Determinants of Corporate Environmental Reporting by the Malaysian Local Governments

Che Ku Hisam Che Ku Kassim, Azuraidah Taib, Noor Emilina Mohd Nasir, Suraya Ahmad, Musliha Musman and Nur Nariza Mod Arifin

Identification and Ranking of Key Factors Influencing Organizational Agility Implementation on Total Quality Management (TQM) in Universities (Case Study: Isfahan University of Medical Sciences)

Maryam Taji, yed Ali Siadat and Reza Hoveida

Sustainability of Domestic Debt in Nigeria: An ARDL Bounds Testing Cointegration Approach

K. Ibrahim Ayuba, B.T. Fatimah Wati Ibrahim and Shazida Jan Bt. Mohd. Khan

Impacts of “Organizational Management’s Tasks” on AMaking the Staff’s Social Responsibility”

Mohammad Mahmoudi Meimand, Amir Houshang Samaeizadeh and Ali Kazemi

Impact of “Energy Consumer’s Behavior Management Process” on Synergizing Two Levels of Operation and Strategy”

Mansour Samadi and Amir Houshang Samaeizadeh

Investigating the Effect Outsourcing of Activities on Human Resources in Zarand Power Plant

Hamid Taboli and Mohsen Haj Hosseini

The Elaboration of the Transformational Leadership Effect on Organizational Performance Through Innovation and Organizational Learning (Case Study: Khouzestan Cement Company)

Saeed Sayadi, Mehran Nazari and Seye Edris Mashali

Evaluating the Impact of Job Characteristics on Knowledge Creation in Khorasan Razavi General Directorate of Youth and Sports

Hamid Tabli, Reza Ghavi and Hossein Ostevarnia

Evaluation of the Factors Affecting the Implementation of e-Banking Adoption by Customers

Hamid Taboli, Mohammad Alidadi, Mostafa Dianati and Hamed Hashemzahi

Elucidating the Organizational Citizenship Behavior-Mediated Relationship Between Human Workforce Job Conscientiousness and Productivity among Aghajari Gas and Petroleum Exploitation Company Human Resources Management Staff

Sanjar Salajeghe, Mehran Nazari and Seyed Edris Mashali

A Survey on Iran’s Economic Integration and its Business Cycle Synchronization with MENA Group Using Spatial Econometric Approach

Samaneh Derakhshideh and Sayyed Abdolmajid Jalaee

Assessing the Policies of the Iranian Civil Service Management

Mehraban Hadi Peykani and Seyed Reza Ganjipoor

Investigation of Factors Affecting on the Development of Women Entrepreneurship in Female Vocational Schools in Zahedan

Abdol Ali Keshtegar, Habibollah Salarzehi and Raziyeh Rigi

Competitive Policies for the Acquisition of Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Small and Medium-Sized Business Entities

Tayebeh Fadaei and Maryam Eslampanah

Assay the Effect of Ownership Structure on Risk-Taking Behavior in Accepted Banks in Tehran Stock Exchange

Golam Hossein Golarzi and Soheila Mehmannavazan

Evaluating the Relationship of Rational Advertising Appeals, Cognitive Information Processing Styles of Consumers and Advertising Effectiveness

Maryam Borborjafari, Sedigheh Khorshid and Abbasali Rastegar

Providing a Suitable Model of Advertising for Exporting Non-Oil Products of East Azarbaijan Province to CIS Countries

Taher Roshandel Arbatani and Mojtaba Ramazani

A Study to Design and Explain the Export Development Model in Iran’s Free Trade Zones

Gholam Hussein Khorshidi, Bahman Haji Pour, Sharyar Azizi and Hamid Hanzal Idani

Study of the Effect of Adoption of Off-Balance Sheet Financing on the Factors Affecting Investors’ Reaction of the Firms Accepted into Tehran’s Stock Exchange

Reza Fallah, Mehdi Mardani and Reza Golestani

The Path of Leadership Experience of Muslim Women Leaders in Higher Education

Samah Hatem Almaki, Rawan Hatem Almaki, Abu Daud Silong, Khairuddin Idris and Nour Wahiza

Developig Value Added Tax from the Perspective of the Managers and Staff of Tax Affairs in Iran

Ahmad Ali Asadpour

Malaysian Teacher/Lecturer Education Development in TVET: A Fundamental Framework for Human Capital Development

Hanipah Hussin, Aliza Che Amran, Mohd Ariff Mat Hanafiah, Fadzilah Salim, Adlan Ali, Gede Ananta Pramudya, Mohd. Razali Yunos, Noorayisahbe Mohd Yaacob and Mustafa Musa Jaber

Relevant Approaches to Performing Analysis of Financial Results of Organization’s Activity with Application of Factor Models

Alexey N. Kirpikov and Fatih Sh. Nugaev

Studying the Effect of Knowledge Management Application in Prevention from Organizational Knowledge Slump in Snova Company, Esfahan Province

Khademi and Tahmineh

Identification of Effective Factors of Individual Entrepreneurship in Carpet Exporter Manufacturing Unites

Ojen Karimi and Raziah Hamedi

Analysis of Factors Affecting the Quality of Employees Training in Tehran Emergency Center

Fatemeh Rabiee Farahani, Roxana Nasiri Aliabadi and Mahdi Shariatmadari

Investigating the Relationship Between Organization Agility and Customer Satisfaction in Iran Insurance Company (A Case Study in Khorasan Razavi Province)

Zahra Yaghoob Kish and Morteza Rojuee

Knowledge of Cervical Cancer: A Cross Sectional Study among Women’s in the West of Iran

Behzad Karami-Matin, Majid Barati, Homamodin Javadzade, Mahnoush Reisi, Naser Hatamzadeh and Mohammad Mahboubi

Correlation Between Risk Factors for Non-Communicable Diseases and Common Cancers in Iran: Ecological Study

Farid Najafi, Mehdi Moradinazar, Majid Barati, Touraj Ahmadi Jouybari and Behzad Karami-Matin

Examination of Relative Contribution of Impacts of Monetary Policies on Tehran Stock Exchange

Mohammad Ali Sabouri and Mahnaz Rabiei

Investigating the Effect of Individual and Organizational Entrepreneurship on Staff Empowerment of Automobile Manufacturing Industry

Raza Saki, Saeed Jafari Nia and Sayyed Nasser Moghaddas Nikou

The Relationship Between Information Technology and Organizational Innovation (Case Study: Power Research Institute)

Hamid Noori and Bijan Abdollahi

Explaining the Role of Political Skills in the Relationship Between Transformational Leadership Style of Managers with Staff Job Satisfaction (Case Study: Municipality of Bandar Abbas)

Sanjar Salajeghe and Alma Faramarzi

Investigate the Effect of Quality of Working Life on Improvement of Productivity in Active Manufacturing Cooperatives of Isfahan’s Industry Sector

Mohsen Entezam and Mehdi Khorvash

The Impact of Managers Leadership Style on Organizational Commitment of Staff in Zahravi Pharmacy Company

Mohammad Kargar Shouraki and Saeed Zanjani

Investigating the Effect of Positive Organizational Behavior on Work Activities

Ali Rabiee, Ali Farangi, Nahid Saravi-Moghadam and Seyyed-Mahmoud Hoseini-Amiri

Identification of Success Critical Factors in Communities of Practice of International Telecommunication in Iran

Kosarsalimi Khorshidi, Mohammad Mousakhani and Mehdi Shami Zanjani

Financing Public Education in Iran: An Action Plan

Abdollah Ansari

Identify and prioritize Neuromarketing strategies nervous and their impact on the competitive advantage of the company on the basis of the marketing mix(Case Study: Shiraz Travel Agencies)

Sahar Mojahedi and Esmaeil Hassanpour

The Relationship Between Information Asymmetry, Disclosure and Cost of Equity Capital in Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Alireza Malali Dezaki, Bahareh Banitalebi Dehkordi and Azar Moslemi

Studying the Relationship Between Customer Relationship Management and Market Development in Tehran Medical Equipment Companies

Morteza Mousakhani, Hosein Vazifehdoust and Farid Gharavi

Measuring the Relative Efficiency of Education Organizations of Country: Data Envelopment Analysis Approach

Hadi Ghaffari and Azadeh Arab

Working Capital Management Policies of Listed Companies in the Tehran Stock Exchange

Ebrahim Mansoori and Omid Mansoori

Investigating the Relationship Between Intellectual Capital and Organizational Learning Capability in Faculty Members of Higher Educational Centers of Sirjan

Fatemeh Shah Abinejad, Hossein Zeinolsalehin and Hamid Taboli

Explaining Subjective Well-Being of Self-Efficacy, Hope, Resiliency, Optimism: the Role of Emotional Intelligence in an Industry Mediated Environment

Mirza-Hasan Hoseini, Pejman Hosseinzadeh- Savadi, Mehdi Rouholamini and Nahid Saravi- Moghadam

Examining the Role of Cooperation Between International Marketing and Sales Departments to Create Value for Customers

Mohammad Hazrat Pour Talatappeh

Study the Relationship Between Capital Structure and Product Market Competition in the Tehran Stock Exchange

Ali Kiamehr and Ali Mohamad Khorshidi

Relationship Between Financial Constraints, Economic Crises and Working Capital Management of Companies Listed on Tehran Stock Exchange

Monireh Moghaddam Nia and Ebrahim Mansoori

Study of the Influence of Activists’ Action on Human Resource Strategy on the Basis of Homan’s Exchange Theory

Mehraban Hadi Peykani and Abbas Nosouhi

Relying on Banks’ Social Responsibility as a Marketing Strategy to Increase the Efficiency of Banking Services (The Case of the Banking Network in the City of Isfahan)

Kazem Badiei Kherabadi

Investigating the Relationship Between Organizational Justice and Employees’ Commitment to the Organization (Case of Saderat Bank in Tehran)

Aein Ghorbani Ghashghaeinejad

Investigating the Relationship Between Information Technology and Organizational Entrepreneurship (Case Study: Yazd Saderat Bank Branches)

Fatemeh Zarezadeh Mehrizi

Investigating the Reasons of Failure at Internet Banking Usage in Pakdasht City

Mirza Hasan Hoseini and Hossein Kamali

Investigating the Effect of Emotional Quotient on the Effectiveness of Managers with Respect to the Mediating Variable Organizational Culture Case Study: National Iranian Drilling Company

Mohammad mahmoodi meymand and Mehri Javidi Kermaninejad

The Impact of Dimensions of Brand Knowledge on Brand Loyalty Through Willingness to Use Services and Brand Trust in Refah Bank Branches in Isfahan City

Maryam Hashemi, Mojgan Bahrami and Reza Ebrahimzadeh Dastjerdi

The Survey Role of Organizational Culture on Effectiveness Knowledge Management in Social Security Fund

Anahita Mazaheri Kalahroodi and Ojan Karimi

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Local Earning Centers in Literacy Movement Organization

Nematallah Math and Kewmars Fallahi

Reviewing and Ranking the Factors Affecting the Attitude, Intention and Behavior of Consumers Green Purchasing

Parastoo Naser Zare, Akbar Bagheri and Kourosh Parsa Moein

Assess and Prioritize Systemic Risks from the Perspective of Outsourcing Activities

Hamid Reza Ghasemi and Hojjatallah Sotudeh

Studying the Relationship Between Brand Equity and Consumer Behavior

Shadi Razavi Satvati, Mahnaz Rabiei and Karim Rasouli

Study the Relation Between Nonaka and Takeuchi Conversion Knowledge with Intrapreneurship (Case Study: Telecom General Directorate Sistan and Baluchestan)

Aziz Olah Arbabi

A Modelforit Strategic Planning And Competitive Assessment of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Approach (Case Study: Kharazmi Information Technology Development Co.)

Mohammad Reza Motadel and Sara Gohartoor

The Relationship between Human Resources Development and Observance of Social Responsibility (by the employees of General Department of Finance of Isfahan Province)

Alieh Esmaeili and Mehraban Hadi Peykani

The Role of Moderating Personality Characteristics on the Relationship Between Career Plateau and Deviant Behaviors of Employees of Education Administration of the Province of Isfahan

Rokhsareh Amini and Mehraban Hadi Peykani

The Relationship Between Human Resources Empowerment with Tend to Entrepreneurial and Creativity Mediation (Case Study: Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company)

Zakieh Beiki Damneh and Mehraban Hadi Peykani

The Effect of Brand Reliability and Brand Intention on Brand Equity

Rouhollah Norouzi, Abdollah Norouzi and Kamal Ghalandari

An Exploratory Analysis of the Life-Cycle Influence on Lecturers’ Management of Work and Life

Dzurizah Ibrahim, Kee Y. Sabariah, Kee Mohd Yussof, Fauzie Sarjono and Rose Patsy Tibok

Determining the Factors Affecting the Success of M-Learning Implementation in Jordan Higher Institution of Learning

Sharf Khaled Alzu`bi and Shahizan Hassan

The Partnership Theory in Explaining Cooperatives Organizational Structure

Zelhuda Shamsuddin and Abdul Ghafar Ismail

The Influence of Country of Origin on Iranian Consumers Purchase Decision

Abdollah Norouzi and Kamal Ghalandari

The Partnership Theory in Explaining Cooperatives Organizational Structure

Zelhuda Shamsuddin and Abdul Ghafar Ismail

A Study of the Relationship Between the Independence of the Board of Directors and the Corporate Risk in the Companies Listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange

Mehrdad Ghanbari and Khosro Barzegarnezhad

Assessing the Relationship Between Organizational Culture and Organizational Intelligence in Payam e Noor University (A Case Study: Payam e Noor University-Mashhad Center)

Mohammad Mousavi