International Business Management (2021 Volume 15)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1993-5250 (Print)
  • ISSN: XXXX-XXXX (Online)
Archive (Volume 10 Issue 16, 2016)

Phases of Evaluation of Projected Financial Results from Ordinary Activities of a Manufacturing Company

L.A. Zimakova, A.V. Kovalevskaja, S.N. Kovalenko, S. P. Mashirov and N.I. Bykanova

Tiered Approach to the Legal Regulation of International Environmental Safety

Vladimir S. Sinenko, Vladislav Yu. Turanin, Nadezhda M. Mityakina and Natalya V. Kozyar

Modernization of Russian Education: Development Technology of Scientific and Methodical Readiness among Teachers

Galina V. Makotrova, Valentina N. Kormakova, Elena N. Musaelian, Andrey P. Peressypkin and Maria I. Sitnikova

Peculiarities of Academic Motivation of Students with Different Level of Internet Addiction

Elena A. Ovsyanikova, Yaroslava M. Chapskaya, Natalya N. Bityutskaya and Inna V. Laukhina

Placing the Man in Media Studies: Theoretical Representations of Man Media Relations

Andrey V. Polonskiy, Evgeny A. Kozhemyakin, Kseniya Y. Korolyova and Svetlana A. Zakharova

Selecting the Innovative Projects Taking into Account the Sensitivity of Multi Criteria Evaluation from the Changes of Expert Judgments

Vadim A. Lomazov, Elena V. Nesterova, Valentina I. Lomazova, Valery G. Nesterov, Svetlana V. Igrunova and David A. Petrosov

Mobile Technologies in Implementation of Programs of Internal Tourism Development

Ekaterina V. Vishnevskaya, Tatiana B. Klimova, Irina V. Bogomazova, Oksana V. Yakovenko and Julia V. Kovtun

Assessment of Consumer and Aesthetic Parameters of Environment at the Regional Level

Elena Mikhailovna Lopina, Andrei Gennadevich Kornilov, Alexander Nikolaevich Petin and Irina Alexandrovna Kireeva-Genenko

Socially-Oriented Operating Principles of Innovation Policy in the Regional Economy

Arsen A. Tatuev, Violetta V. Rokotyanskaya, Sergey A. Shanin, Askerbiy A. Tatuev and Oksana V. Moshchenko

Consultation of Agricultural Organizations Concerning Conceptual Approach to the Competitiveness Assessment

O.V. Mishulina, D.K. Damdaulova, N.S. Gorelova, A.N. Gorelov and R.A. Pritula

Effective Factors in Commercialization of Traditional Arts in Isfahan from the Perspective of Activists in this Field

Hossein Sharifi Renani, Zahra Manian and Marziye Hoseini

Granger Causality and Dynamic Relationship Between the Actual Values of Receipts Derived from Tourism, National Income and Exchange Rates in Selected Countries with Tourist Attraction

Elham Barati and Homayoun Ranjbar

Identification of Effective Factors on Admitting the Secondary Market of Housing Mortgage for Housing Finance in Tehran Province

Mahin Rashki Ghaleno and Mohammad Esmaeil Ezazi

Identify and Prioritize Entrepreneurship Development Ways for Female-Headed Households Who Are under the Protection of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation in Region 1 of Zahedan

Zahra Vazife and Fatemeh Ramroudi

Investigating the Effect of Spirituality in the Workplace on the Principles of Organizational Ethics in Payam e Noor University of Gilan

Asghar Ghadamzan Jalali, Mohammad Javad Taghavi and Vahab Pourkazemi Astaneh

Investigate the Relationship Between Social Intelligence and Agility of Municipal Staff (Case Study: Central Municipality of Isfahan City)

Hossein Sharifi Renani, Abdolrasol Taheri and Marziyeh Hajipour

The Effect of Information Asymmetry on Financial Constraints of Listed Firms on Tehran Stock Exchange

Iman Heydari, Seyed Mohammad Nabi Hashemi and Hossein Shokrani

The Innovation Subsystem Development Level Evaluation of the Regional Social-Economic Systems

Y.V. Nikylina, J.V. lyshchikova, A.V. Orlova, O.P. Ovchinnikova and A.S. Glotova

Economical and Mathematical Background of the Strategy of Regional Expansion of Retail Networks

V.I. Tinyakova, E.I. Kovaleva, E.I. Kamyshanchenko and Y.L. Rastopchina

Investments as an Accelerator of Regional Innovation Development

Marina V. Vladyka, Oksana V. Vaganova, Svetlana A. Kucheryavenko, Nadezhda F. Sivtsova and Alexander I. Borodin

Management of Innovative Process in the Economy at the Regional Level

Marina V. Vladyka, Tatyana V. Balabanova, Oksana V. Vaganova, Svetlana A. Kucheryavenko and Alexander V. Galtsev

Innovative Development of the Education System in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kasiya A. Kirdasinova, Shaken Sh. Turmakhanbetova, Sharafat T. Shayakhmetova, Alyia G. Mukhadzhanova and Nurbakyt N. Nurmukhametov

A Hybrid Approach to Analyzing the Interrelationships of Critical Success Factors of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) in Industry

Gholamhossein Baghban

Investigating the Effects of Intermediaries in Iran’s Sanctions on International Trade Agreement

Firouze Haji Ali Akbari and Behnaz Bahrani

Predicting Employees’ Trust and Organizational Commitment Based on the Ethical Leadership Style

Nastiezaie N., Bameri M. and Salajage S.

Quick-Impact Business Value Chain Analysis, Case Study of Greenhouse Production Schemes of Zahedan City

Amin Reza Kamalian and Ghoratallah Rahmatzehi

Relationship Between the Adjustment and Academic Performance of the 1st Grade High School Students of Zanjan

Mohammad Reza Karamipour and Suna Alami

The Ranking of Date Export Development Obstacles and Providing Solutions by Using of AHP Technique 1

Mohammad Hakkak and Javad Zamanpour Moazezi

Recovery of Liquidated Damages in Malaysia-Legal Pitfalls and the Way Forward

Tan Pei Meng and Ong Seng Fook

Combining Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm to Detect Fraud in Credit Cards

Morteza Talebi

Evaluation of the Quality of Working Life and Productivity in Active Manufacturing Cooperatives of Isfahan’s Industry Sector with Regard to Demographic Factors

Mohsen Entezam and Mehdi Khorvash

Investigating the Effect of Reward and Reinforcement on Middle Managers’ Entrepreneurial Behavior of Tehran University

Mohammad Hakkak, Mohammad Ragh and Sher Morad Marzban

The Mediating Role of Organizational Agility in the Relationship Between Organizational Learning and Organizational Performance (Case Study: the Subsidiaries of Isfahan City General Tax Office)

Abolfazl Jannati Mashkani and Mehrdad khodadadi

The Relationship Between Quality of Work Life and Productivity of Human Resources among Health Workers Bahmaei

Mahdi Mohammadi and Banafsheh Molaee

Investigate the Effect of Financial and Accrual Reporting Quality and Debt Maturity on Return on Investment (ROI) in Tehran Stock Exchange

Ebrahim Anvari and Abedalreza Ghatea Zadeh Deris

Reducing Traffic and Pollution in Cities Using Optimal Vehicular Network Routing Algorithms

Mohsen Heydarian and Arman Farahbakhsh

Case Study for Skills Management Approach to Manage and Retain the Highly-Skilled Blue Collar Workers

Eng Poh Hwa, Boon Cheong Chew and Syaiful Rizal Hamid

Corruption Censure among Gen Y Public Servants: Do Organizational Culture, Work Values and Religiosity Matter?

Khulida Kirana Yahya, Tan Fee Yean, Johanim Johari and Nur Ain Saad

Four Frame Leadership Orientations and Job Performance among Beijing Working Adults

Benjamin Chan Yin-Fah and Du Ya Qiong

Knowledge Sharing Effect on HRM Practices and Organisational Innovation among Malaysia’s Four and Five Star Hotels

Norsiah Mat, Noorulsadiqin Azbiya Yaacob and Shaker Bani Melhem

Job Satisfaction and Customer-Oriented Behavior of the Malaysian Nurses

Lim Lee Ping, Ungku Norulkamar Ungku Ahmad and Ong Choon Hee

The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction on the Relationship Between Work Alienation and Job Performance

Rusinah Bt. Siron, Ahmed Kh. Muttar, Zainal Ariffin Ahmad and Mohd Amin B. Tarsipan

User Acceptance of Biometric Authentication in Malaysian ATMs

Devinaga A/p Rasiah and Yuen Yee Yen

Analysis of Technology Acceptance Model on the Taxpayers Using Electronic Tax Return at the Large Taxpayers Office 4

Risa Mustika Handari and Milla Sepliana Setyowati

Protecting Business Interest Against Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Through Interim Injunction in Malaysia

Khadijah Mohamed

Measuring Service Recovery in Restaurant Settings: A Psychometric Process

Muhammad Hafiz Abd Rashid, Fauziah Sh. Ahmad and Rahayu Hasanordin

Unraveling the Mediating Role of Self-Management Strategy Implementation in the Goal-Setting and Psychological Success Linkage

Tan Fee Yean, Johanim Johari and Edora Ismail

The Influence of Individual’s Factors on Sustainability Learning in Organization

Nomahaza Mahadi, Murni Zarina, Mohamed Razali, Farzana Quoquab Habib and Siti Sarah Omar

The Relationship Between Attitude Dimension, Social Influence and Self-Efficacy on Behavioural Intention to Consume Functional Food among Malaysian

Hayatul Safrah Salleh, Nor Azila Mohd Noor, Nik Hazimah Nik Mat, Safiek Mokhlis, Wan Norhayati Mohamed and Yusnita Yusof

The Development of Service Quality Specification for Home Delivery Service

Tan Owee Kowang, Oh Jia De and Choi Sang Long

Failure of Organizational Agility Factors Influential on Provision of Services with Desired Quality for Customers (Case Study: Rasen Darman Company)

Amir Hossein Amirkhani, Sousan Toufani and Ali Toufani

Users Experience Damage Applying Information and Communication Technologies (Qualitative Research)

Majddadin Ansari and Badri Shahtalebi

Enhancing SMEs Performance Through Innovative Cultural Values in Pakistan

Rabia Salman, Darwina Arshad and Lily Julienti Abu Bakar

Factors of Concerning Privacy-Protection Social Networking Sites

Nur Fadzilah Othman, Rabiah Ahmad and Muliati Sedek

Controlled Elements of Internal Halal Assurance System at Food Premises

Arif Sazelin, Sidek Safiah and Hassan Muhammad Haziq

Inflight Service Quality Can Affect Customers’ Perspective Thus Satisfaction

Ibrahim Rose, Tahir Izah and Mustafa Dakian

Measuring the Relationship Between Organizational Culture and the Establishment of Knowledge Management (Case Study: Payame Noor University of Tehran-Varamin)

Amir Hossein Amirkhani, Aida Songhori and Yusuf Karimi

Determining Government’s Paternal Strategy Towards Social Responsibilities from the Perspective of Labor Market’s Human Resources in Iran

Mehrban Hadi Peikani and Mahdi Motahhari

Investigate the Factors Affecting the Employee Efficiency at Kermanshah Offices and Corporate

Elaheh Jabbari and Seyyed Reza Hassani

The Pathology of Management System Located in Gas Refining Company of Qeshm and Sarkhoon

Sanjar Salajeghe and Mehdi Moslehi