International Business Management (2021 Volume 15)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1993-5250 (Print)
  • ISSN: XXXX-XXXX (Online)
Archive (Volume 10 Issue 21, 2016)

New Industrial Coutries in Southeast Asia, Specific Aspects of Industrialization Thereof

D. Kh. Gallyamova

Accounting for the Characteristics of Regional Manufacturing Industries in Developing an Industrial Policy

I. S. Glebova, S. N. Kotenkova, F. S. Abdulganiyev and R. Galiakhmetov

The Development of a New Approach to the Energy Management System Formation and the Estimation of its Efficiency on the Basis of the Consumer Quality Theory

T. Anisimova

Improving of Using of Advertising Technology in Tourism

B. M. Eidelman and L. R. Fakhrutdinova

Methodological Issues of Monetary Valuation of Natural Resources

V. A. Rubtzov, N. K. Gabdrakhmanov, M. R. Mustafin and O. V. Pratchenko

Evolution of the Spatial Models of the Economic Growth in the Analysis of Urbanization in Russian Regions

V. Rusanovskiy, N. S. Yashin, V. Markov and N. G. Bagautdinova

Complexity of Positioning in Tourism as the Basis of its Sustainable Development

O. A. Bunakov and V. A. Rubtzov

Development of Tourism in the Region on the Basis of Cluster Approach

O. A. Bunakov

Toponymic Field of Tatar Folk Riddles

R. R. Denmukhametov and G. R. Mugtasimova

Role and Significance of Territorial Branding as an Important Factor in the Development of Regional Tourism

B. M. Eidelman and L. R. Fakhrutdinova

Some Questions of IT Control in Economic Entities

F. I. Kharisova and I. M. Kosova

Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Economy and Preferred Alternatives Selection

G. S. Klychyova, V. P. Kuznetsov, D. N. Lapayev, O. N. Lapayeva and F. N. Avchadiev

Special Aspects of Modern Production Systems Organization

V. P. Kuznetsov, E. P. Garina, E. A. Semakhin, A. P., Garin and G. S., Klychova

Upgrading Corporate Equipment as an Asian Real Option

G. S. Klychova, V. P. Kuznetsov, Y. V. Trifonov, S. N. Yashin and E. V. Koshelev

Economic Effectiveness of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application in Agriculture

A. A. Sabirov, A. M. Sabirov, R. H. Huziakhmetov, E. I. Tsaregorodtsev and G. S. Klychova

Accounting for Overheads in Russia: Historical Aspects

A. Y. Sokolov and Ch. Z. Bikmukhametova

It Behavior of Economics Students in the Internet

Julia V. Stepanov, Irina A. Kodolov and NataliaV. Maklakova

Antropogenesis of Natural Territorial Systems of Tatarstan Republik and their Bio-Ecological Peculiarities (On the Example of Birds)

R. A. Ulengov

Innovative Projects for the Processing of Industrial Waste

M. Sh. Valitov

Effect of Marital Instability on Employee Performance in Selected Commercial Banks in Nigeria

H. O. Falola, O. P. Salau, C. Omoniyi-Oyafunke and A. M. Olokundun

Cultural Administration in the Art Field

Edalat Nemati

Malaysian Budget Hotel and Accommodation Cooperatives: A Study on Corporate Governance Practice

Nurhazani Mohd Shariff, Azlan Zainol Abidin and Kamarul Bahrain Abdul Manaf

Examining Customer Satisfaction of the E-Customs Services in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phuong , V. Nguyen, H. X. Nhi, Dang Trang and T. H. Nguyen

Economic and Predictive Modeling of Company’s Development as Major Strategic Planning Prerequisites

Guzel I. Lisogor and Elvira A. Polovkina

The Role of Brand Credibility and Brand Uniqueness in Influencing Brand Image

Hazem Mohamad ALKasassbh and Salniza Bt. Md. Salleh

Reviewing and Identifying Factors Influencing Customer Mental Image: A Case Study of Mehr Finance Bank of Ilam

Sadegh Sorkhemiri, Esfandiar Mohammadi and Mohammad Eidy

Sole Micro Entrepreneurs: Perceptions about the Formalization of Small Business in Brazil

Juliana Vitoria Vieira Mattiello Da Silva and Roberto Frota Decourt