International Business Management (2021 Volume 15)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1993-5250 (Print)
  • ISSN: XXXX-XXXX (Online)
Archive (Volume 10 Issue 23, 2016)

Empirical Investigating on the Role of Supervisor Support, Job Clarity, Employee Training and Performance Appraisal in Addressing Job Satisfaction of Nurses

Masnawaty Sangkala, Umair Ahmed and Munwar Hussain Pahi

Application of Total Quality Management Effectiveness Increasing the Managerial Performance Measurement System and System Performance Awards as Moderating Variable(empirical Study in Plantation in Northern Sumatera)

Sjahril Effendy

Gender Differences on Bias of IPO Earnings Forecasts

Nurwati A. Ahmad-Zaluki

Implementing Responsibility Accounting in Jordanian Industrial Companies

Imad Zeyad Ramadan

Mediating Role of Brand Trust and Behavioral Intention in the Relationship Between Perceived Quality of Services and Goods and Brand Loyalty (Case Study: Representatives of Barez Company in Tehran)

Mahya Bakhshaei and Kewmars Fallahi

Speculation Strategies for the Russian Stock Market in the Conditions of Crisis

O.E. Medvedeva, A.A. Ajupov and N.G. Bagautdinova

Analysis of Structure, Conduct and Performance of Sharia Insurance Industry in Indonesia

Amir Machmud

The Effect of Internal Control on Accounting Information System

Azhar Susanto

Phenomenological Study of Financial Management of Baitul Mal in Aceh Provincial Government

Ali Amin, Ade Fatma Lubis, Ida Yustina and Muhammad Arfan

Changes in Joint Venture Company Check System Clean Water Sector in North Sumatera to Community Service for Improvement

Sjahril Effendy

Information and the Media Conditions of Extremism’s Prevention

L. Leontieva, T. Khalilova, L. Gainullina and R. Kurochkin

Assessment of Concentration in the Banking Services Market

I.A. Rudaleva, I.A. Kabasheva, I.S. Bulnina and L.I. Arsentyeva

Estimation Procedure of Industrial-Engineering Communication (IEC)

A.A. Safina, E.G. Nikiforova and D.S. Shakirova

Comparative Analysis of Models of Traditional and Electronic Retail

N.G. Bagautdinova, L.B. Shabanova and S.V. Zyuzina

Applying of the Territorial Marketing Tecnologies in Organizations of Socio-Culture Service and Tourism

B.M. Eidelman, L.R. Fakhrutdinova and S.S. Galimov

Methodological Aspects of Advertising Activity Efficiency Evaluation

G.R. Chumarina, L.R. Fakhrutdinova and B.M. Eidelman

Correlation of Migration Level and City Attractiveness

E.A. Anisimova, I.S. Glebova, A.M. Khamidulina and R.R. Karimova

Formation and Development System of Higher Geographical Education in Pedagogical High Schools of the Middle Volga Russia

R.I Gaisin, I.T Gaisin, S.I. Beketova, N.M. Nurtdinov and M.A. Tambovskiy

Mental Maps as a Learning Tool Geography

S.I. Beketova, Z.A. Khusainov, E.I. Vlasova, R.I. Gaisin and N.P. Yachina

System-Didactic Complex of Training for Teachers of Natural and Geographical Disciplines

G.S. Samigullina

On Modelling of Different Sectors of Economy in Terms of Sustainable Development

A.A. Lubnina, A.N. Melnik and M.V. Smolyagina

The Competitiveness of the Republic of Tatarstan as a Center of Urban Tourism of the Russian Federation

I.T. Gaisin, R.I. Gaisin, Z.A. Khusainov, E.N. Kubishkina and N.P. Yachina

Human Capital as a Factor in Improving the Competitiveness of the Region

L.G. Nabieva, L.M. Davletshina, A.D. Khairullina and E.N. Kulik

Uncompensated Property Receipt Accounting Operations

E.Y. Vetoshkina, A.V. Ivanovskaya and F.N. Akhmedzyanova

The Evaluation Budgeting System at the Electrotechnical Enterprises of Perm Territory

T.G. Sheshukova, G.S. Klychova and E.R. Mukhina

Education of Ecological Culture of School Children on the Basis of Ethnopedagogy

Z.A. Khusainov, N.V. Shigapova, G.S. Samigullina, S.I. Beketova and L.M. Kutepova

Criteria for the Educational Process in the Assimilation of Students’ Knowledge

E.I. Vlasova, I.T. Gaisin, R.I. Gaisin, Z.A. Khusainov and R.S. Kamahina

A Comprehensive Assessment of the Financial Security of Banking System

A.A. Ajupov, L.R. Kurmanova, N.R. Abelguzin and D.A. Kurmanova

Organizaton Process Optimization on a Haulage Company

A.A. Ajupov, A.A. Kurilova, D.U. Ivanov, T.V. Golubeva and N.V. Alistarova

Network Modelling of Biological Wastewater Treatment System of Paint Manufacture

S.N. Savdur and E.I. Kadochnikova

Money Laundering and Forensic Accountin in Indonesia: Postgraduate Perspective

Ananto Prabowo

Integrated Management Accounting Information Systems for Competitive Adventage: The Case in State-Owned Enterprises of Indonesia

Ilham Hidayah Napitupulu and Anggiat Situngkir

Ethnic Peculiarities of the Development of the Birth Rate in the Republic of Tatarstan

V.A. Rubtzov, N.M. Biktimirov and N.K. Gabdrakhmanov

The Research of Conditions of Insurance Portfolio Formation in the Russian Practice

I.A. Kokh, G.N. Kaigorodova and A.A. Mustafina

Revisiting the Fair Value and Historical Cost and Their Impact on the Financial Indicators of the Company

T.Y. Serebryakova, G.S. Klychova, L.P. Fedorova and O.G. Gordeyeva

The Evaluation of Stock Publisher’s Conservatism in Company’s Operation in Preliminary Stock Supply in Tehran’s Stock Exchange Market

Mohammad Nazaripour and Babak Zakizadeh

Applied Strategic Customer Analysis Concept

Sergey Krylov

Evaluation of E-services from the Viewpoint of Insurance Clients in Iran Using Ahp and Extended Topsis Based on Possibility Theory (Case Study: Iran, Asia, Sina, Mihan, Dana and Razi Insurance Agencies)

Seyedeh Saba Bagheri