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Research Journal of Medical Sciences (2016 Volume 10)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1815-9346 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-6095 (Online)
Sympathoadrenal System Activity of Various Puberty Stages Boys
Alevtina V. Krylova, Tatyana A. Anikina, Alexey A. Zverev, Marcel M. Zayneev and Timur L. Zefirov
Justification of the Effectiveness of PlasmoliftingTM Procedure in Treatment of Patients with Erosive and Ulcerative Lesions of the Oral Cavity
Iu.A. Makedonova, I.V. Firsova, E.S. Temkin, S.V. Poroiski and D.V. Mikhalchenko
Epidemiology and Dynamics of Congenital Heart Diseases at the Newborns in the Zhambyl Region, Kazakhstan
Kanatzhan Kemelbekov, Seithan Dzhoshibaev, Amirhan Baymagambetov, Akbayan Satymbekova and Zhalil Sheyshenov
Reaction of Cardiovascular and Respiratory System of the First-Year Pupils to the Various Types of Load During the School Year
Marsel Muratkhanovich Zaineev, Oleg Petrovitch Martyanov and Timur Lvovich Zefirov
Comparing the Posture Assessments Based on RULA and QEC Methods in a Carpentry Workshop
Hamed Yar Kohammadi, Younes Sohrabi, Mohsen Poursadeghiyan, Reza Rostami, Adel Rahmani Tabar, Diyar Abdollahzadeh and Farshad Rahmani Tabar
Complicated Hydatid Cysts of the Lung: Is Capitonnage Better than Uncapitonnage Method? Comparison Between Capitonnage and Uncapitonnage Technique in the Complicated Hydatid Cysts of the Lung
Farzad Ghotbi, Manouchehr Aghajanzadeh, Bahareh Mohtasham, Gholamreza Arasteh Sefat, Omid Mosafai and Jabrail Ghotbi
The Status of Hepatitis G/C Virus among HIV Positive Patients and Effects of GBV-C on the Progress of HIV Infection
Rouhi Afkari, Abdollah Taheri, Yaghoob Delkhosh, Eghbal Sekhavati and Aliyar Pirouzi
The Effect of an Education Program Based Onprotection Motivation Theory (PMT) on Improving Nutritional Performance of Elderly People
Rouhi Afkari, Abdollah Taheri, Hamid Reza Galavi, Eghbal Sekhavati, Elham Damanni and Fatemeh Lotfi Mola
Clinical and Pharmacological Applications of Silymarin Components at Cellular and Molecular Level: A Review
Hossien Masoumi, Maryam Anjamshoa, Mohsen Mohammadi, Shirzad Fallahi and Ayoob Rostamzadeh
Investigating Spiritual Health among Female Patients with Cancer Referred to Hamadan’s Shahid Beheshti Hospital in 2015
Sajadi Mahbobeh, Niazi Naimeh, Khosravi Sharareh and Yaghobi Abolghasem
Measuring Concentration of Welding Fumes in Respiratory Zones of Welders: An Ergo-Toxicological Approach
Hamed Yarmohammadi, Ehsan Hamidvand, Diyar Abdollahzadeh, Younes Sohrabi, Mohsen Poursadeghiyan, Hamed Biglari and Mohammad Hossein Ebrahimi
Evaluation of Occupational Risk Assessment of Manual Load Carrying Using KIM Method on Auto Mechanics in Kermanshah City in 2015
Hamed Yarmohammadi, Mansour Ziaei, Mohsen Poursadeghiyan, Mysam Moradi, Bahram Fathi, Hamed Biglari and Mohammad Hossein Ebrahimi
Comparing the Durability of Professional Ethics’ Learning in Two Methods of Group Discussion and Multimedia Software
F. Jahanpour, A. Paimard, S.H. Pouladi, F. Azodi, A. Shayan, P. Azodi, M. Molavi vardenjani and A. Khalili
Attitude of Nurses from the Nursing Profession Status and its Influencing Factors: A Cross Sectional Study
Shahin Tohidi, Zahra Dalir and Arezoo Shayan
Investigating the Impact of Difficulty of Emotion Regulation and Empathy in Families of Esfahan
Maryam Rouholamin
The Comparative Study of Adding Ketamin to Pre-Incional Bupivacaine Infiltration on Pain Relief Post Tonsillectomy
Abdolhamid Zokaei and Sara Joreir Ahmadi
Effectiveness of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) on Reducing Craving among Hookah Smokers
Zahra Pourmohammad Shandiz, Ali Ghanaee Chamanabad and Ali Mashhadi