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Research Journal of Medical Sciences (2017 Volume 11)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1815-9346 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-6095 (Online)
Protection and Preservation of Sundanese in Public Spaces
Prihandini Asih, Sari Retno Purwani and Tawami Tatan
Knowledge Management of Elderly People for Resources and Local Wisdoms Conservation in Mae-Sai Community
Siriporn Phuntulee, Wattana Wanitchanont, Nirote Sinnarong and Chanthana Susawaengsup
Immunodeficiency States in Persons Residing in the Oil-Producing Regions of Kazakhstan
L.S. Yermukhanova, A.N. Zhexenova, G.N. Izimbergenova, M.N. Turebaev, A.U. Bekbauova, E.B. Zhumabekov and M.U. Umbetov
A Review on the Effects and Defects of Electromagnetic Field to Human
M.E. Emetere and M.L. Akinyemi
Comparative Endoscopic Characteristic of the Fallopian Tubes Assessment in Women with Infertility Combined with Reproductive Diseases
G.U. Akhmediyanova, A.S. Aketayeva, A.K. Shamova and A.S. Baubekova
The Relationship between CT Scan Findings, Level of Consciousness and Outcome Score in Patients with Traumatic Brain Hemorrhage
Ali Jafari Khalilabadi, Mehdi Khoshsima Shahraki, Reza Rezaeifard, Reza Jafari Khalilabadi, Javad Mangeli Zarooei, Morteza Salarzaei and Mohammad Ali zaare
Evaluating Effect of Cardiac Rehabilitation Care Plan on Quality of Life of Patients Undergoing Open Heart Surgery at Ekbatan Hospital, Hamadan
Seyedeh Zahra Masoumi, Farideh Kazemi, Somayeh Khani, Hazhir Seifpanahi-Shabani, Maryam Garousian, Mehran Ghabeshi, Fatemeh Razmara and Ghodratollah Roshanaei
The Midwifery Practice Challenges in the Rural Populations of Indonesia
A Study on Benign Breast Disease
Mohammad Reza Asgary and Hosein Hemmati
Hearing Disorders Caused by Noise Exposure to the Researcher in PLTD (Diesel Power Electricity Generator)
Reni Hiola
Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding Risk Factors in Perimenopausal Women
Farnaz Zand Vakil, Fayegh Yousfi and Fahimeh Omidi Kazazi
The Effectiveness of Religion as Therapy for People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in Malang Indonesia
Sri Sunaringsih Ika Wardojo and Rakhmad Rosadi
A Conceptual Model of Perceived Social Support, Maqasid Shariah Quality of Life and Health Status
Mahadzirah Mohamad, Fazida Karim and Nor Azman Mat Ali
A Study on Challenges Encountered by the Academic Medical Centers in Saudi Arabia and Appropriate Strategies for their Improvement
Fahd A.Al. Muhanna and Ahmed Al Kuwaiti
Analysis of Physiotherapy Service Potential Based on Disease Case, Economy and Social at the UMM Hospital
Rakhmad Rosadi and Sri Sunaringsih Ika Wardojo
Vitamins Deficiency in Traumatic Ill Patients Hospitalized in Intensive Care Units in Iran
Hossein Kimiaei Asadi and Nahid Manouchehrian
Relationship between the Level of Parent’s Knowledgement about Complete Basic Immunization in Children with Complete Basic Immunization
Eka Sityani Abianingsih, Liza Pristianty and Ika Ratna Hidayati