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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2017 Volume 12)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
Policy Model of E-Desa in Indonesia
Maulin Melly, Kurniasih Dewi and Afrianto Irawan
Developing an Educational Business Simulator to Teach Management Strategy
Yoshiki Nakamura, Yukiko Kusu and Ken Takeda
Prototype Decision Support System Selecting Employee for Certain Position Using Profile Matching
Juhriyansyah Dalle and Dwi Hastuti
Effect of Karamunting Fruit Juice (Melastoma Malabathricum L.) to Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs) and Lipid Profile as Advanced Complications of Diabetes Mellitus
Ramadhan Yusriandi, Zakina Oky Fauzul, Nurikhwan Pandji Winata, Sanjaya Aditya, Alam Gusti Andhika Azwar, Eko Suhartono and Triawanti
Lean Logistics Implementation Level in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES) Sector
Yeni Sumantri
Application Artificial Neural Network-Image Processing to Seismic Wave Propagation of Carbonate Rock
John Adler, Selvia Lorena Br Ginting, Bagus Endar B. Nurhandoko and Pongga Dikdya Wardaya
Implementation ID3 Algorithm to Predict Children Achievement in Response (Case Study Children Playgroup School)
Nursikuwagus Agus, Melian Lusi and Permatasari Deasy
GPS Application System of Waste Operational Activity of Bandung Regional Sanitation Company
Sain Segar K. Sid, Yasmi Afrizal and W. Julian Chandra
Implementation of Smart Mobile Parking Through Android Application Program
Syahrul and Ahmad Sobirin
Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment Toward Physical, Chemical and Biology Parameters in WWTP Lambung Mangkurat Banjarmasin
Husaini , Muhammad Khairiyandi Rosyadi, Nita Pujianti, Ratna Setyaningrum and Fauzie Rahman
Effect of Crumb Rubber Content and Particle Size on the Mechanical and Rheological Properties of Passenger Tyre Tread Composite
Adnan A. Alshukri, A.A. Faieza, S.M. Sapuan, A.A. Nuraini, Mohammed Al-Maamori and Dheaa S. Zageer
The Essence of Pedagogical Reflection in the Context of Professional Competence
Uzakbayeva Sakypzhamal Askarovna, Kunakova Klara Umurzakovna and Chaclikova Asel Turarovna
Legal Protection for Widow Without Children in Bali Adat Law Inheritance
Sahat Maruli Tua Situmeang, Arinita Sandria and Febilita Wulan Sari
The Effects of Heart Count on Employee’s Perception on Separation
Chue Kar Wen, Rajendran Muthuveloo and Teoh Ai Ping
The Effect of "The Big Five Model" Personality on Employee’s Performance at Aviation Manufacturing
Eddy Soeryanto Soegoto, Dian Indiyati and Sayyidah Abdah Marhaliyyah
The Influence of Knowledge Management towards Employee’s Competence and its Effect to the Employee’s Performance
Darna Nana and Kader Mukhtar Abdul
Analytical Perfomance of One Way Moment Resisting Connections of Precast Beam to Concrete Column
Saeed Bahrami, Morteza Madhkhan and Nima Nazemi
On the Mathematical Simulation of Digital Substation Technological Processes
V.I. Dubrov, R.G. Oganyan, N.D. Narakidze and G.K. Aleksanyan
SM Analytics: Impact of SM Engagement Metrics on Online Purchase Intention
Zoha Rahman, Kumaran Suberamanian, Hasmah Zanuddin and Mohd Hairul Nizam Bin Md Nasir
The Effect of Thailand’s Political Uncertainty on the Volatility of Stock Market Exchange, Banking Industrial Equity and Business Sentiment
Paramin Khositkulporn, Paporn Suthakawatin and Jessadaporn Yanuphrom
The Effectiveness of Organic Certification Logos in Influencing Consumer’s Attitudes to Purchase Organic Food
Song Bee Lian
The Economics of Lotteries: An Evidence from Vietnam
Duy-Minh Nguyen
“Influence of User’s Competence Towards the Quality of Management Accounting Information System in University Widyatama”
Irene Sukma Lestari Barus, Ratna Komala Putri and Rike Setiawati
Potential Development of Local Health Security Fund Committee in Muang District, Phrae Province, Thailand
Siriporn Phuntulee and Wattana Wanitchanont
Effective Marketing Techniques in Recruiting International Students: Evidence from a Tertiary Institute in New Zealand
Shaohua Yang and Akhtar Zaman
Measuring Software Architecture Stability Evolution in Object-Oriented Open Source Systems
Hassan Almousa and Mamdouh Alenezi
Principal Component Analysis for Electromagnetic Drives Technological Production Process Control
Anton Lankin, Danil Shaykhutdinov, Valeriy Grechikhin, Denis Schuchkin, Nuri Narakidze and Nikolay Gorbatenko