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International Journal of Soft Computing (2017 Volume 12)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1816-9503 (Print)
Graduate Rate Analysis of Student Using Data Mining and Algorithm Apriori
Setiawan Awan and Rusmawan Dadan
Private Information Retrieval in Fuzzy Search Environments
Eric Bagalwa and Okuthe P. Kogeda
An Improved Web Emotion Analysis using Hybrid PAM Neural Network Approach
Meera Alphy and Ajay Sharma
A Capability Comparative of Failure Predicting Time Using Software NHPP Finite Failure Reliability Model
Hong-Kyu Kwon and Hee-Cheul Kim
The Performance Analysis Comparative Study Depend on Software Reliability Model and Curve Regression Model
Tae-Jin Yang
Using Sweave and Random Number Generation to Create a Multitude of Statistical Examples for the Enhancement of Teaching Materials
Arthur L. Dryver
Algebraic Applications on l-Fuzzy Soft Group
J. Vimala, J. Arockia Reeta and P. Bharathi
Data Retention and Efficiency of Information Retrieval
Romani Farid Ibrahim
Online Dispute Resolution Redress Systems in Consumer Matters
Nazura Abdul Manap, Sakina Shaik Ahmad Yusoff, Rahmah Ismail and Suzanna Mohamed Isa
Transactional Workflow Technique for Distributed Transaction Processing
Romani Farid Ibrahim
A Comparative Study on Software Reliability Models with Shape Parameter of Type-2 Gumble Life Distribution
Hee-Cheul Kim
The Decisional Visualized Toolkit for Crises Management Based on Information Visualization
Mohamed Abd-Elfattah, Essam H. Houssein and Y.M. Wazery