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International Journal of Soft Computing (2014 Volume 9)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1816-9503 (Print)
Comparison of Traditional Morphology and Fuzzy Watershed Transformation in Medical Image Segmentation
R. Latha and S. Sentil Kumar
Energy Conserved Fault Tolerance Relay Nodes in Wireless Network
D. Satish Kuma and N. Nagarajan
Odium piperis Fungus Identification for Piper Betel Plants Using Digital Image Processing
J. Vijayakumar and S. Arumugam
Comparative Studies on Canny and Sobel Edge Detection Techniques for Diabetic Retinopathy Eye Image
R. Vijayalakshmi and S. Selvarajan
UDP Worm Detection in IPv6 Networks Using Entropy Variations
D. Balamurugan, P. Shanmugaraja, S. Chandrasekar and D. Jayaprakash
A Stout Approach for Increasing Efficiency and Multiband Fairness for Emergency Data in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
R. Vimal Karthick, S. Sibi Chakkaravarthy and K.A. Varun Kumar
Reusable Network on Chip Design
P. Arun Kumar, P. Pandian and Raja Paul Perinbham
Soft Computing Based Medical Image Retrieval Using Shape and Texture Features
M. Mary Helta Daisy and S. Tamil Selvi
Multimodal Biometric Authentication System Based Performance Scrutiny
R. Manju, A. Shajin Nargunam and A. Rajendran
Harmonics Reduction Using ANFIS Controller Based Matrix Converter System
S. Chinnaiya and S.U. Prabha
Tensile Properties of NFRP Hybrid Composite: Modeling and Optimization
R. Prasanna Venkatesh, K. Ramanathan and S. Rama Krishnan
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Goal Geometric Programming Problem (IFG2P2) Based on Geometric Mean Method
Payel Ghosh and Tapan Kumar Roy
Sensorless Speed Control of FSTPI Fed Brushless DC Motor Drive Using Terminal Voltage Sensing Method
R. Manikandan, R. Arulmozhiyal and T.M. Binitha