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The Social Sciences (2016 Volume 11)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1818-5800 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-6125 (Online)
Challenges of Biomass Energy Implementation in Malaysia
Nur Hafizah Mohd Fadzil, Goh Kai Chen and Goh Hui Hwang
Assessing Cultural Heritage Potential: A Framework to Incorporate Incentives Programme into Heritage Management Strategies
Indera Syahrul Mat Radzuan and Yahaya Ahmad
The Influence of Consumer Complaint Behaviour on Relationship Quality among Malaysian Mobile Phone Services Subscribers: Complainers Versus Non-Complainers
Mohd. Khirzan Badzli A Rahman, Sharifah Azizah Haron, Laily Paim, Syuhaily Osman and Abdul Kadir Othman
The Impact of Asean Free Trade Agreement as Moderator on TQM Performance Model in Malaysia: Survey Result
M.F Ahmad, RZRM Rasi, N Zakuan, AKR Ramin, MI Haji- Pakir and J. Takala
Malaysia Tourism Demand Forecasting by Using Time Series Approaches
Maria Elena Nor, Azme Khamis, Sabariah Saharan, Mohd. Asrul Affendi Abdullah, Rohayu Mohd. Salleh, Norhaidah Mohd Asrah, Kamil Khalid, Fazlina Aman, Mohd. Saifullah Rusiman, Harliana Halim, Muhammad Hisyam Lee and Eliza Nor
Partnering Awareness in the Malaysian Construction Industry: A Study on Consultant Engineers
Faizatul Akmar Abdul Nifa, Vian Ahmed and Syukran Abdul Rahim
Theoretical Review on Safety Culture by Construction Companies
Mohd Yazid Mohamad Yunus and Aryani Ahmad Latiffi
A Framework for Teaching Competencies in Technology and Technical Competencies: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis
Mohd Fauzi Kamarudin, Syed Najmuddin Syed Hassan, Muliati Sedek and Anidah Robani
Employability Proficiency in Workplace: A Study on Skills Affecting Prospective Engineering Graduates
Hazmilah Hasan, Zanariah Jano, Noraida Abdullah, Hanipah Hussin and Lennora Putit
Self-Esteem, Social Support and Career Decision-Making among Technical Engineering Students
Hasrin Mahadi, Norida Abdullah, Lee Mei Ph’ng, Hazmilah Hasan and Hafzan Ariffin
Match or Mismatch: Teaching Styles and Learning Styles in an ESP Classroom
Lee Mei Ph’ng, Thang Siew Ming and Radha M.K. Nambiar
Innovation of Malaysian Batik Craft in Arts: A Reflection for Vocational Education
Hanipah Hussin, Kalthom Husain, Asiah Binti Hj Pilus, Hazmilah hasan, Cheong Kar Mee and Noorayisahbe Mohd Yaacob
Video Recordings of Oral Presentations: A Neuroscience Intervention in ESP Instruction
Indra Devi and Pramela Krish
Harnessing the Potential of Pre-School Pupils Through Religious Education Teaching and Learning
Sofiah Mohamed, Kamarul Azmi Jasmi, Siti Salwa Md. Sawari, Mohd Nasri Abdullah, Ruhiyati Ramli and Fazlulaini Mohd Yunus
The Acceptance of e-Learning System for Gifted Students in Developing Country (Jordan Case Study)
Ali Ratib Alawamreh and Nur Fazidah Elias
Interpretive Structural Modelling of People Capability Factors to Promote Sustainable Facility Management Practices
Sarpin Norliana and Yang Jay
The Readiness of the Administrators and Undergraduates in Using Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in the Mandarin Subject
Cheong Kar Mee, Linda Khoo Mei Sui, Zanariah Jano and Hanipah Husin
Quality of Work Life and Quality of Nursing Care
Wan Norhayati Mohamed, Mahadzirah Mohamad, Hayatul Safrah Salleh, Nik Hazimah Nik Mat and Yusnita Yusof
The Study of Hefty Dowry Demand and its Role in Causing Crime: A Case Study of Manujan, Iran
Mojtaba Mohammadi Kermaninejad and Gholamreza Afsharipour
A Study on the Content Analysis of Social Studies Textbook of Sixth Grade Elementary School: According to William Roman Technique
Khatoon Vakili and Zahra Mansouri
Evaluating Psychological Disorders Based on DSM System and Adjust it with Jurisdictional Ideas of Naraghi; Researcher about Psychological Diseased
Munireh Komeili, Mohammad Hassan Haeri, Hossein Naseri, Saeed Abd Khodaei and Maryam Safara
Making Smart of Soccer Players Through Mind Simulation Knowledge and Psychology
Mohammad Ehsan Taghizadeh
Cross Cultural Identity: Locating Hybridity and Ambivalence in Naqvi’s Home Boy
Soheila Arabian and Vida Rahiminezhad
A Review of the Most Important Spatial Qualities in Urban Spaces for the Elderly with Physical and Mental Disabilities
Ayoub Iranshahi, Meysam Shahbazi, Mansour Mansouri, Farshid Talebi and Farzaneh Parizadeh
A Study of the Spiritual Intelligence and Quality of Life among Imprisoned Women of Zahedan City
Zahra Askarpour Karimi and Mehrdad Mazaheri
Jurisprudent and Juridical Investigation of the Relations Between Illiteracy and the Frequency of Crimes of Women in Rural Families
Mohammad-Ali Davaryar
Jurisprudent Dimensions of the Relation(s) Between Sex and Victimization and Committing Crimes in Male and Female Teenagers
Mohammad- Ali
Religion and the Construction of Subjects in Beckett and Saedi’s Fictional Works
Mehdi Mozaffari Nezhad and Sanam Ali Ashrafy
The Exoticism Concept in Iranian Culture and its Aspects in Iranian Traditional Music
Mansoor Habibdoost
The Effect of Hegel’s Philosophy of Art on Kandinsky in the Essay AConcerning the Spiritual in Art”
Zahra Hosein Abadi and Ramin Keshavarz
Relationship Between Suicide Ideation, Depression and Anxiety among Iranian College Students
Bashir Bashardoost and Nasibeh Ashoori
Social and Cultural Transformation of Sovereign Kazakhstan
M.Sh. Hasanov, G.G. Nurysheva, V.F. Petrova, A.S. Syrgakbaeva and B.A. Dzhaambaeva
A Survey on Effectiveness of Social Participating on Social Sustainability Dimentions (Case Study: Esfahan, Shahshahan Neighborhood)
Elham Ghasemi, Mohammad Nasr Esfahani, Atefe Yadi and Hani Hosein zade
Goods And Services Tax (Gst) On Construction Capital Cost and Housing Property Price
Rozlin Zainal, Teoh Chai Teng and Zarina Shamsudin
Economy and its Position in Islamic Government
Ahmad Ali Asadpour
The Bill of Lading with an Emphasis on the Provisions of International Maritime Law
Iman Zeajeldi and Hamid Reza Parhammehr
Structural Equatin (SEM) of Personality Traits and Problem-Solving Styles with the Use of Stimulant Drugs among Students
Hassan Gharibi and Fereshteh Heidari
The Strategic Nature of Public-Private Project in Solving the Problems of Small and Medium-Sized Cities in Russia
Olga A. Lomovceva, Boris A. Tkhorikov, Olga A. Gerasimenko and Vladimir G. Polyakov
Arbitration of e-Commerce in Iran and International Legal System
Ghassem Bohloulzadeh
The Role of FIATA Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading in Business Exchange in International Transport
Hamid Reza Parhammehr and Iman Zeajeldi
The Prologue of Jahiliyyah Odes: A Study
Zohreh Davari, Marzieh Khalili and Foad Abdollahzadeh
Evaluation of Financial Accounting and Reporting Systems in Shiraz Municipality
Ahmad Ali Asadpour
A Comparative Look to Lawyer’s Civil Liability Towards the Client
Fatmeh Sadat Mousavi and Azizullah Fahimi
Social Presence of Women in the Viewpoints of Imam Khomeini and UN Convention on Women’s Right
Rezvaneh Najafi Savad Rodbari and Afzal Boluki
Akhavan-Sales’s Reformist Approach in The Eighth Labor
Ali Mamkhezri, Kamran Pashayi-Fakhri and Parvaneh Aadelzadeh