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The Social Sciences (2018 Volume 13)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1818-5800 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-6125 (Online)
The Collective Farm Peasantry and Religious Holidays in the Volga Region in the Postwar Decade
Oleg Khasyanov
Role of Self Efficacy on Work Perception and Job Satisfaction at Government Agencies in Bandung, Indonesia
Senen Machmud
Integrated Influential Factors of Internal Stakeholder that Negatively Affecting Project Successful Completion in Yemen
Najib Al-Fadhali, Ng Kim Soon, Rozlin Zainal, Abd Rahman Ahmad and Abdel Hafiz Ali Hasaballah
Differentiation of Gender Roles in Sericulture: A Case Rural Household in Wajo Region Indonesia
Andi Maslia Tenrisau Adam, Sitti Bulkis, Nursini and Andi Sadapotto
An Analysis of Management and Performance of the Apparatus in Education and Training Agency of South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
Murlinah , Haedar Akib, Andi Rasyid Pananrangi and Hasnawi Haris
Governance the Utilization of Protected Forest of Sungai Wain (HISW) with a Pattern of Incentives and Disincentives in Balikpapan City
Soetoyo and Nasikh
Tolerance/Intolerance Problems in the Context of the Repressed Caucasian’s Ethno-Trauma Transformation
Irina S. Karabulatova, Makka M. Patieva, Moldir Z. Seidina, Anna A. Podkopaeva, Vladimir A. Kushnirenko and Gulsina M. Niyazova
Relations Authority (Political Studies Transactional in General Election Legislative Candidates in Makassar)
Abdullah Rachim, T.R. Andi Lolo and Andi Agustang
Cultural Values of Makassarese in Kelong Tupakbiring: A Anthropology Linguistic Study
Tadjuddin Maknun, Munira Hasyim and Muslimat M. Nur
Mechanism of Social Culture in Developing Assets For The Poor in Local Organizations in Medan
Husni Thamrin
A Thematic Analysis of Political Animated Commercials of All Progressive Congress (APC) During 2015 General Election
Okorie Nelson and Abiodun Salawu
Revitalization and Role of Sub-Districts as the Center of Development: Study on Papuan Province-Indonesia
Akbar Silo
An Investigation into Ethical Perceptions of Construction Professionals in China
Byung Gyoo Kang, Kaiwen Long, Cheng Zhang and Jian Li Hao
The Rupture and Restoration of the Relations between the Communist Party of China and Japan
Budi Kristanto and Wang Fu Xing
Why Does Indonesia Need a Clarity Concept of Legal Liability of Government Officials in Corruption Eradication Efforts?
Boy Yendra Tamin
The Orientation of Technological Innovation and Societal Challenges in Latin America
Marcia Villasana, Florina Guadalupe Arredondo Trapero and Jose Carlos Vazquez Parra
Public Perceptions to the Implementation of Business Ethics Based on Balinese Local Wisdom in Denpasar City, Bali
Made Mulyadi and I. Nyoman Rasmen Adi
The Problem of Arabic Language Retreat as a Result of the Symbols of Cultural Globalization
Khawlah M. Al-Tkhayneh
Phenomenology Study of Low Class Prostitute: Dramaturgy Model “Poyok” in Pasar Raya Padang Padang-West Sumatra
Elva Ronaning Roem, Atwar Bajari, Oekan Abdoellah and Pawit M. Yusup
Teacher’s Awareness Profiles and Stages of Concern Regarding the Application of Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) in School Based Assessment (SBA)
Nurulwahida Hj Azid, Mardzelah Makhsin, Rozalina Khalid, Ridzuan Hashim and Norasmah Othman
An Overview of the Language-in-Education Policy in Ghana: Emerging Issues
K. Ernest Klu and Margaret Ama Ansre
An International Journal Actor Structuration of Partai Damai Sejahtera in Political Arena of South Sulawesi
Kristian H.P. Lambe, Darmawan Salman, Andi Agustang and Imam Mujahidin Fahmid
Home Factors Necessary for Laying of Foundational Values in Youths among Families in Ebonyi State, Nigeria
Daniel I. Igba, Elizabeth C. Igba, Simon C. Nnamani, Stella N. Nduka-Ozo and Raphael I. Ngwoke
Ritual Process of Bajo People in Fishing Activities: Study of Bajo Society in Tiworo Islands Muna of Southeast Sulawesi
Akhmad Marhadi and La Hatani
The Requirements of Activating the Role of Estimated Budgets in Supporting the Two Functions of Planning and Controlling at the Level of Local Units (An Applied Study on the Municipalities of Riyadh Region)
Wafy Saad Al Shammari and Alia Abdel Hamid Aref
Transformational Leaders of ‘Zero To Hero’ Schools in malaysia
Aziah Ismail and Ahmad Zamri Khairani
Academic Writing at Tertiary Level: Challenges and Strategies for Novice Teachers
Ainul Azmin Md. Zamin, Rosnani Kassim and Mohd. Fauzi Kamaruddin
Readiness of Crowdfunding to Finance Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in ASEAN
Sentot Imam Wahjono, Anna Marina, P.M. Nur Rizki Oceano and Fam Soo Fen
Futures Scenarios for Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)
Fazidah Ithnin, Mohd Jailani Mohd Nor, Mohd. Rahimi Yusoff and Sohail Tahir Inayatullah
Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Vietnam: An Explanation from Educational Experiences
Tran Van Kham
Methodological Problems of Social Sciences in the Context of Modernity Challenges
Sagadi B. Bulekbayev, Murat O. Nassimov, Kainar K. Kaldybay, Turganbai K. Abdrassilov, Muratbek M. Myrzabekov, Assel T. Chaklikova, Aybek S. Beysenov, Kalamkas A. Pazylova and Botagoz Z. Paridinova
The Development Model of Science Learning Multiple Intelligences Based to Improve the Generic Science Skills of High School Students
Surahmin Adna Panu, Syamsul Bachri Thalib and Muris
The Influence of Critical Thinking Skill on Student’s Social Sensitivity about Local Wisdom in Banyumas, Central Java
Tanto Sukardi
Local Stupa: Development Style in Vientiane, Lao PDR
Bouavone Phommabouth, Burin Plengdeesakul and Homhuan Buarapha
The India-Pakistani Military and Nuclear Arms Race in Post-Cold War Period: The Regional Security Complex in South Asia
Arfin Sudirman
Implementation of Integrated Approach on Indonesian Language Teaching
Muhammad Asdam
Building Organizational Cultural in the Islamic University of Syekh-Yusuf Tangerang, Indonesia
M. Rosul Asmawi, Sumartono , Tjahyanulin Domai and Suryadi
Prevalence of Menstrual Disorders among Adolescents in Vhembe District of Limpopo Province, South Africa
Ramathuba Dorah Ursula and Ramathuba Mukovhe Khathutshelo Maud
Source of Local Society Knowledge in Communication Ritual of Farming Crops Indistrict of West Muna
La Tarifu
The Formulation of Legal Protection Arrangement Toward the Body Integrity of the Woman as the Victim of Not-fulfilled Promise to Marry in the Human Right Perspective
Lusiana M. Tijow and Iwan Permadi
Islamic Education Enhances the Strengthen of Muslim Community Integration
Mardzelah Makhsin, Nurulwahida Hj Azid Aziz, Rozalina Khalid, Mohd Aderi Che Noh and Mohamad Fadhli Ilias
University Webometrics Ranking using Multicriteria Decision Analysis: Entropy and TOPSIS Method
Handaru Jati
Structural Breaks in Real Time: Evidence from the Firm Level of US Firms
Nur Syazwani Mazlan and George Bulkley
Malaysian Halal Laws: Issues and Challenges
Nor`Adha Abdul Hamid, Norazla Abdul Wahab, Farah Mohd Shahwahid and Surianom Miskam
Sustainability of Ecotourism in Endau-Rompin National Park: The Awareness of Nature and Aboriginal Culture Conservation Among Tourists
Lai Chee Sern, Mohd Salleh Kahirol, Mohamad Mohaffyza Mimi, Nor Lisa Sulaiman, Abdul Rasid Abdul Razzaq and Md Yunos Jailani