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The Social Sciences (2017 Volume 12)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1818-5800 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-6125 (Online)
The Relationship Between Ethnoastronomy and Maritime Activities
Mohd Shukri Hanapi and Shahir Akram Hassan
The Mathematical Connection Ability in Multiplication Material at the Elementary School
Dyah Worowirastri Ekowati
Social Ills Problem Between Student and The Relationship with Student Academic Achievement
Muhammad Azmi Abdullah, Syed Sofian Syed Salim and Mohammad Aziz Shah Mohamed Arip
Profitability Analysis of Small-Scale Farmers in Indonesia a Case Study of Hand Tractor use in Jember Regency
Fitri Candra Wardana, Naoyuki Yamamoto and Hideyuki Kano
The Influence of Internal and External Forces in Adoption of Electronic Customer Relationship Management (ECRM) in Malaysian SMEs
Nurul Hafizah Md Nasruddin and Fararishah Abdul Khalid
The Implementation of Civil Law on Doctor-Patient Relationships in Indonesia
Mochammad Istiadjid Eddy Santoso, Prija Djatmika, Bambang Sugiri and Suhariningsih
The Pedagogical Implications on the Root and Route of English Basic Verbs: An Extensive Study through Android Application
P. Jayakumar and I. Ajit
Heuristics of Designing Perception Surveys in Social Research
Kamran Ahmad Siddiqui, Muhammad Ather Elahi and Ishtiaq Ahmad Bajwa
The Effect of Student’s Knowledge and Skill on the Readiness of AEC Competition
Setyabudi Indartono and F. Nahiyah Jaidi
Impact the Aid Politics in Legislative Elections and Local Head Elections (Perception of Religious Leaders of Islam in the City of Ambon)
La Jamaa
Developing Learning Device on Environmental Pollution Topic in Senior High School
Muhammad Zaini and Supiati
Politician-Bureaucrat Nexus in Local Government: The Case of Melawi and Kubu Raya, West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Economic Contestation Patterns Between Traditional Market Traders in the City of Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia
Francy Soumeru, T.R. Andi Lolo and Idrus Abustam
When Qualitative Research Trumps Quantitative Research: How to Improve the Workforce
Wasita Boonsathorn and Arthur L. Dryver
The Influence of Leadership Personality on the Nigeria’s Hegemonic Decline in West Africa
Sule , Sani Ahmad, Ranjit Singh Darshan A/L Darshan Singh and Mohd Azizuddeen Mohd Sani
Muslim Debates on Riddah and Freedom of Religion
Umi Sumbulah and Agus Purnomo
The Factors Contributing to the Changes of Tai Lue Culture in Jinghong City, Sipsongpanna, People’s Republic of China
Miss Dao Li, Burin Plengdeesakul and Preechawut Apirating
Gender Equality Perspective in Islam Based on the Holy Quran
Darwis Muhdina
Technology Acceptance Level among Fish Cracker’s Entrepreneurs in East Coast Economic Region (ECER)
Nur Far`ain Mohamad Termezai, Farah Adila Abdullah, Mohd Hafiz Jamaludin and Hasnita Che Harun
Visual Elements, Information Elements and Purchase Intentions on Small Medium Enterprises Frozen Food Products among Consumers in Malaysia
Mohd Izwan Mohd Zaki, Mohd Aliff Abdul Majid, Samsul Bahri Usman and Mohd Hazrin Iman Noorkhizan
Communication Information and Education (CIE) in Changing Smoking Behavior on Poor Urban Society in Makassar City
Andi Asrina, Suharni and Alla Andayanie
Improving Learning Quality using Needs Analysis
Kardoyo and Ahmad Nurkhin
An Analysis of the Scientific Research Mould Based on Fardu ‘Ayn Knowledge from Ibn Al-Haytham’s Thought
Mohd Shukri Hanapi and Mohd Syahmir Alias
Public Policy and Deliberative Process: Managing Traditional Market in Indonesia
Denok Kurniasih, Paulus I. Setyoko and Shadu S. Wijaya
Effectiveness of Employees Training at Technical Academy Telekom Malaysia
Nik Hasnaa Nik Mahmood, Maslin Masrom and Zulkifli Muhammad
The Role of Public Administration Ethics in Achieving Good Governance in Indonesia
Dody Hermana
Forecasting Model Holt’s for the Zakat Collection in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunai
Ilyas Husti, Akbarizan , Muhammad Marizal, Rado Yendra and Ahmad Fudholi
Effect of Tax Revenues on Government Revenues of the State: Evidence from Iraq for the Period of 1991-2015
Yassir Nori Mohammed
The Impact of the Implementation the Concept of Knowledge Management on Security Crisis Management from the Point of View of Officers Working in the Joint Operating Rooms of the Palestinian Security Forces in the West Bank Governorates
Zaki Abd El. Mut`y Abu Zyeada and Sherifa Fouad Sherif