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The Social Sciences (2016 Volume 11)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1818-5800 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-6125 (Online)
The Impact of Output Communication on EFL Learners’ Metaphor Second Language Acquisition
Mahmoud Arif and Imran Ho Abdullah
The Comparison Between Mind Health and Perceptive Social Support in Shahed and Non-Shahed Girls in Tehran Capital City
Samaneh Kameli, Maryam Safara and Maryam Maadi Esfahan
Analysis of Burnout Syndrome Dimensions among Nurses in Hospitals in the City of Iranshahr in 2015
Seyd Amalek Dadkhah, Ali Mirbaluchzehi, Zahra Ghazanfari, Batul Tirgary and Zahra Rahdar
Association Between Generation Gap in Interest, Familiarity and Application of Information and Communication Technology
Fereydoon Azma, Kazemi-Malekmahmoudi Shima, Khombehbini Zahra, Rostami Maziar, Rajabizadeh Somayeh and Hamid Reza Mohammadi
Understanding of the Meaning of Leadership from the Perspective of Muslim Women Academic Leaders
Samah Hatem Almaki, Abu Daud Silong, Khairuddin Idris and Nour Wahiza Abd. Wahat
A Theoretical Framework on Environmental Education in the Primary Schools in Iranian Educational System
Mohammad Reza Karamipour and Sajjad Emamvirdi
Neo-Weberian Concept of Easternization in the Realm of Western Cultural Adaptation
Saman Hashemipour
Comparison the Attachment Styles and Parenting Styles of Bullying and Normal Student’s Mothers
Seyed Reza Poorseyed, Elnaz Pishghadam and Maryam Safara
Identify and Rank the Factors Affecting of Processes Standardization on Clearance Time (Case Study: Customs in Tehran)
Sara Sharafee and Naser Azad
The Comparison Between Resilience, Responsibility and Subjective Well-Being (SWB) amongst Male and Female Physicians in Ahvaz, Iran
Zohreh Monjezi and Farah Naderi
Investigating the Viewpoint of Nursing Students in Relation to the Barriers to Effective Communication Between Nurses and Patients in the Hospitals of Iranshahr City, 2015
Zahra Rahdar, Ali Mir Baluch Zehi and Saydamalek Dadkhah
The Relationship Between Family Performance and Addiction Potential of High School Students in the City of Khash for the Second Period 1394-1395 Academic Year
Fariba Bameri, Narges Nouri, Mozhde Mirmoradzehi Sibi, Parviz Barahooie and Asma Dehvari
Comparison the Enteral Nutrition and Total Parenteral Nutrition Supports in the Course of Malnutrition Prevalence in Children Referring to Pediatric Hospital, Mashhad, Iran
Mitra Sotoude, Tahmine Salehian, Bahareh Imani and Gholamreza Kademi
Sociological Criticism of the Novel “Abdul Motajali’s Confessions” by Najibal-kilani
Seyyedeh Akram Rakhshandehnia, Hadi Shabani Chafjiri and Seyyed Esmaeil Hosseini Ajdad Niaki
Investigating the level of students’ consent from the communicational skills of the professors of Islamic Azad University, Tabriz branch
Fateh Ali Eydi, Nasim Majidi Ghahrodi, Mohammad Reza Rasouli and Mitra Ordibeheshti Khiaban
Unfair Terms in Bank Contracts from the Perspective of Fiqh and Iranian Law
Saeid Almasi, Farzad Parsa and Ali Rashidi
Semantics of Organization with a Quranic Approach
Ebrahim Kalantari and Alireza Nobari
Review of Pictorial Features of the Maqamat Hariri Manuscript: Available in the National Library in Paris (No. Arabe 5847)
Pari Malekzade
Relationship Between Time Management and Mental Health with Employees’ Occupational Burnout of Neka’s City Health Center
Omoul Banin Mousavi Chamani
Shaping the Curriculum: A Characteristics Approach and its Impact on Teaching and Learning
R. Sudha Nair and Hanipah Hussin
Attitudes and Beliefs of Nurses about Excessive Body Weight and Obesity
Naser Hemati and Abdol HamidZokaei
Effect of a Period of Selected Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises with Green Tea Consumption on Cortisol Hormone
Naghmeh Naseri, Shahla Hojjat and Asghar Khaledan
The Effect of Using Google Earth Application on Learning and Retention of Geography
Elahe Esmaeili and Hassan Rastegarpour
The Comparison of Personality Characteristics and Resiliency in Wives of Substance Addicted Individuals with the Wives of Non-Addicted Ones
Fahimeh Jahantigh and Ali Farnam
Studying the Prevalence of the Internet Addiction in Iranian Students: A Review Study
Dorra Parv, Allahyar Shahnavazi, Ali Mirbaluochzahi, Tahmineh Salehian and Feiz Alrahman Rasoulizadeh
A Comparative Study of Mamluk Era’s Two Literary and Historical Lasting Legacies “Sobho Al-Esh Fi Senaate Al-Enshaa and Nehayatah Al-Rabb Fi Fonun Al-Adab”
Bahram Amani Chacoli, Sayyedeh Leila Taghavi Sangdehi and Maryam Bigdeli
Ethical Hedonism: Deliberation and Analysis
Afzal Boluki and Rezvaneh Najafi Savad Rodbari
The Overall Structure of Iranian Society in the Late Qajar Period
Aazam Khedri, Mohammad Neamat Pour and Alireza Golshani
The Effect of Market Orientation Features on Competitive Intelligence of Body Building Club Managers in Tehran
Zahra Azmmodeh Moghaddam, Masoomeh Kateh Sifari, Farzam Farzan and Meysam Shirkhodayee