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The Social Sciences (2014 Volume 9)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1818-5800 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-6125 (Online)
Legal Implications of Doping in Sports: Experience in Iran
Parand Azizi and K.H. Hassan
The Reality, Provisions and Conditions of Aqilah
Ahmad Bin Muhammad Husni, Anwar Fakhri Omar, Muhammad Nazir Alias and Mohd Al-Adib Samuri
Qatari Women’s Perceived Rights in Light of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
Asma Al-Attiyah and Ramzi Nasser
The Legal Rights and Duties of Administrators and Executors of Deceased Muslims’ Property in Malaysia
Siti Asishah Hassan and Rusnadewi Abdul Rashid
Appraising the Role of Educational Management in Initiating and Sustaining a Viable Health Education for National Security in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions
Yusuf Musibau Adeoye and F.O. Afolabi
Are Takaful Operators at the Sympathy of Retakaful Operators in Malaysia?
Sheila Nu Nu Htay, Mustapha Hamat, Wan Zamri Wan Ismail and Syed Ahmed Salman
Fragrance of Biopower in Huxleys Ape and Essence
Ruzbeh Babaee, Wan Roselezam Bt Wan Yahya and Ida Baizura Binti Bahar
A Closer Look at Discharge of Contractual Obligations in Iran
Mehdi Pirhaji, Sakina Shaik Ahmad Yusoff, Suzanna Mohamed Isa and Mahmoud Jalali
Diary Writing: A Tool to Enhance Second Language Writing Autonomy
Reza Vaseghi, Jayakaran Mukundan and Hamed Barjesteh
Securitization and Global Terrorism Threat
Obsatar Sinaga
Gift Inter Vivos as an Alternative Method of Property Distribution for Muslim Woman
Rusnadewi Abdul Rashid, Siti Asishah Hassan and Noor Inayah Yaakub
The Right of the Child Patient in Giving Consent to Medical Treatment in Malaysia
Tengku Noor Azira Tengku Zainudin and Anita Abdul Rahim