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The Social Sciences (2016 Volume 11)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1818-5800 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-6125 (Online)
Humanism Values in the 1945 Constitution of Republic of Indonesia
Sukasih , Kamaruzaman Yusoff and Mansoureh Ebrahimi
The Contributions of Imam Shafi’i in Arabic Language and Literature
Najihah Abd Wahid, Anas Mohd Yunus and Nor Hafizah Abdullah
Attributes of Graduate Architects: An Industry Perspective
Rohani Salleh, Md Anwar Md Yusof and Mumtaz Ali Memon
Controversy over Death Sentence in Indonesian Legal System (Human Rights Perspective)
Ismu Gunadi Widodo
Seawsawat Literature: Mekong Riverbank Reflections on Societies and Cultures
Supisara Kongkiatsakda, Homhuan Buarapha and Panya Napaengmuen
Ranking the Employed Auditors in Auditing Institution Based on Prioritizing the Emotional Intelligence Factors in Auditing
Reza Zarei, Somaieh Mirzaiy and Safa Zarei
Insurance Fraud: Factors, Identification Problems, Counteraction
Elvira A. Rusetskaja, Mikhail G. Rusetskiy, Galina K. Rybina and Oxana N. Chuvilova
Social Interaction among Buddhists (Sinhalese) and Muslims in Moneragala District, Sri Lanka
Ahmad Sunawari Long, Khaidzir HJ. Ismail and Ahamed Sarjoon Razick
The Transgender’s Sexual Identity Construction in a Cultural Practice Community: A Case Study of the Ganesh Chaturthi Ceremony
Titiratana Wetsiriyanan, Viyouth Chamruspanth and Somsak Srisontisuk
Evaluation of Anti-Administrative Corruption Policies in Palestine: Case Study of the Palestinian Ministry of Finance (2004-2013)
Khaireya R. Yahya and Salwa S. Gomaa
The Role of Social Capital in Sweet Corn Marketing
Jajat Sudrajat
Political Psychological Reflection of Ayatollah Kashani in Iran’s Oil Nationalization Movement
Mahdi Rezaei Bajestani, Ebrahim Barzegar and Hosein Salimi Bajestani
Evaluation of Central Civil Services Bureaus in Developing the Administrative System: Comparative Study Between Palestinian and Jordanian Cases
Ismail Salameh Ismail Iriqat and Mamdouh Mustafa Ismail
Functional Principles of Education Modernization
Arsen A. Tatuev, Anzor H. Zhankaziev, Marina V. Rossinskaya, Elena V. Lyapuntsova and Violetta V. Rokotyanskaya
Applied Aspects of Politics in Russia
Leonid Baltovskij, Anna Abalian, Vladimir Belous and Stanislav Eremeev
Social Media and Entrepreneurship
Baby Sam Samuel and Sarprasatha Joe
Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Intentions: The Moderating Role of Passion
Chinonye Love Moses, Maxwell Ayodele Olokundun, Mosunmola Akinbode, Mayowa Agboola and Fred Inelo
The Emergence of Autobiography in Malay Literature
Rahimah Hamdan, Arba`ie Sujud and Shaiful Bahri Md Radzi
Civil Society Activism for Democracy and Peace-Building in Sri Lanka
Mohammad Agus Yusoff and Athambawa Sarjoon
Level of Formation of Moral and Value Motivation of Student Behaviour
Sharkul T. Taubayeva, Aigul A. Bulatbayeva, Gulmira A. Kasen, Bakyt T. Barsay, Serik H. Zhussupov and Raikhan K. Zhussupova
Policy Evaluation on the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Indonesia: Why Does it Matter?
Bevaola Kusumasari
Typology of the Archetype of the House in Samples of Modern Prose
Alyona S. Afanasyeva Aslan Zh. Zhaxylykov and Natalya K. Sarsekeeva
The Effect of Single Parenting on Student Academic Performance in Secondary Schools in Brunei
Lim Hui Yaw
Cyber Entrepreneurship: A Note on Indigenous Perspective from a Developing Country
Muhammad Salman Shabbir, Mohd Noor Mohd Shariff, Rabia Kiran, Muhammad Faisal and Arfan Shahzad
Scientific and Methodological Maintenance of Advisor’s Activity as a Basis of the Corporate Culture of the Future Teachers of Foreign Languages
Olga Kuratova, Bakhytzhan Zeyadauly, Raushan Jeldybayeva, Zhazira Tursynali and Zhazira Shynarbekova
Developing the Family Protection Model to Reduce Family Domestic Violencein West Java, Indonesia
Pudji Muljono, Sarwititi Sarwoprasodjo and Mintarti
Wellassa (Moneragala): A Strategic Station of Commercial Passage in the History of Sri Lanka
Ahmad Sunawari Long, Kamarudin Salleh, Ahamed Sarjoon Razick and Khaidzir Hj Ismail
Innovative Environment of High School as a Factor of Modernization of Teacher Education
Amina Amirova, Karakat Nagymzhanova, Djeksembekova Menslu, Mariya Jazdykbayeva and Ainash Dauletova
The Need for New Economic Relations in Education
Marina V. Rossinskaya, Elena V. Lyapuntsova, Violetta V. Rokotyanskaya, Maxim V. Kukarin and Svetlana A. Nefedkina
The Blasphemy by Death of Ignorance, Based on Acknowledgement Hadith
Seyyed Hossein, Seyed Mousavi and Hassan Shojae`Bahar
Gender Differences in Brunei Upper Secondary School Students’ Attitudes Toward Guidance and Counseling Services
Nur`Ashikin Mohammad Hasni
Neo-Rhetoric and Formation of the Mental Image of the Postgraduate’s Linguistic Personality
N.A. Turanina, G.A. Kuljupina, V.Ju. Turanin and I.G. Kolesnikova