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The Social Sciences (2016 Volume 11)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1818-5800 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-6125 (Online)
The Constitutional Models of Securing of Protection of the Right to Human Dignity in European Countries
Marina V. Markhgeim, Alevtina E. Novikova, Lubov A. Pozharova, Evgeniy E. Tonkov and Konstantin V. Kravec
Evolution of Psychology of the Russian Bureaucracy During the Revolution of 1905-1907 Years
Ivan T. Shatohin, Aleksandr N. Moshkin, Svetlana B. Shatohina, Oksana V. Shevchenko and Aleksandr V. Perepelitsyn
"Sometimes Bread Was Not Enough for Our Own Sustenance" The Gentry of Russia on the Eve of the Abolition of Serfdom in the Years Post-reform Social Emancipation
Vladimir A. Shapovalov, Svetlana P. Shapovalova, Irina V. Istomina, Vladimir N. Fursov and Svetlana I. Shatohina
Belgorod State University, 85 Pobedy Street, 308015 Belgorod, The Belgorod Region, Russia
Marina V. Markhgeym, Alevtina E. Novikova, Evgeniy E. Tonkov and Konstantin V. Kravec
Philosophical and Legal Concept of Justice in the Civil Law Institute of Russia
Olga V. Batova, Natalya V. Kozyar, Victoria V. Kut`ko, Nadezhda M. Mityakina, Sergey V. Tychinin and Stanislaw A. Moskalenko
Quality Assurance in Training Graduates: Priority Strategy Fields
Maria I. Sitnikova, Tatyana V. Balabanova, Valentina N. Kormakova, Elena N. Musaelian and Irina B. Ignatova
Interpretations of a Protest Variations in the Humanities
Marina V. Markhgeym, Alevtina E. Novikova, Oleg N. Polukhin, Evgeniy E. Tonkov and Anna V. Zejnalbdyeva
Full-Time School in Russia: Developing Research Capacity in High School Students
Galina V. Makotrova, Elena V. Lukyanova, Valentina N. Kormakova, Tatyana M. Davydenko and Larisa V. Verzunova
Social State: Constitutional Image of the European Countries
Marina V. Markhgeym, Alevtina E. Novikova, Oleg N. Polukhin and Evgeniy E. Tonkov
Study of the Relationship Between Moral Intelligence and Tendency to Democratic Values (Case Study of Orumieh)
Fatemeh Golabi, Mohammad Bagher Alizadeh Aghdam, Rahim Badri Gargari and Mehdi Rafiee
Predicting of Eating Attitudes Based on Parenting and Attachment Stile
Nadia Madanipour, Mahdieh Salehi and Mojgan Sepah Mansour
Time and Space in the Philosophy of Mulla Sadra and Kant
Mahdi Mohammadzadeh and Valioallah Khoshtinat
The Effect of Constitutionalism on the Emergence of Political Parties and Liberal Associations in Qajar Persia (Iran in Qajar Era)
Forouzan Adibfar, Mohammad Reza Hasheminia and Roohollah Shaverdi
Reviewing the Status of Minorities in Islamic Society
Bita Saeedi Abdi
Investigating the Effect of Organizational Learning Levels on Job Satisfaction in Elementary School Teachers (Iranian Study)
Vahid Fallah, Faranak Paydar and Fattemeh Saghari
A Study of the Correlations of the Components of Transformational Leadership with Teachers’ Thinking Styles and Organizational Commitment in Public Girl’s High Schools in Tehran, Iran
Mostafa Askarian and Roya Estehmami
The Effectiveness of Matrix Treatment in Psychological Well-Being of Stimulants Substance Abusers
Vahid Farnia, Fateme Dehghan, Roghieh Nooripour, Mostafa Alikhani and Toraj Ahmadi Juibari
The Effect of Constitutionalism on the Emergence of Political Parties and Liberal Associations in Qajar Persia (Iran in Qajar Era)
Forouzan Adibfar
Structural Investigation of Plots in Stories of Fariba Vafi Based on the Theory of Vladimir Propp
Malek Shoaee and Mehdi Hatamvand
Regularities of Economic Mobilization: Russia’s Experience in World War I (1914-1917)
Timofey V. Alexeev
Social Partnership as Educational Resource of a Higher Institution
I.V. Berinskaya, O.V. Gordin, A.I. Gordin, E.N. Derevtsova and I.V. Fedosov
Non-Formal Education: Strategic Resource of Improving Quality of Teaching Mathematics at School and University
E.I. Sanina, M.S. Artyukhina, N.G. Dendeberya and I.V. Nasikan
The Study of Democracy Phenomenon of Modernity
M.Sh. Hassanov, V.F. Petrova, G.G. Nurysheva, A.S. Syrgakbayeva Syrgykbaeva, D.M. Azhusubalieva, B.A. Dzhaambaeva and D.R. Shaidulina
The Human Resource Capacity Development Program in the Context of a Multilevel Educational Complex with a Technical Profile
S.V. Sergeeva, O.A. Voskrekasenko and E.V. Kozlova
The Impact of the West and Modernism on the Persian Paintings of Flowers and Birds
Zahra Hosseinabadi and Hossein Ahmadi