Agricultural Journal

Year: 2007
Volume: 2
Issue: 1
Page No. 9 - 15

Improving Efficiency in Food Crop Production for Food Security in Nigeria

Authors : S.O. Ojo

Abstract: The study examined the factors determining the productivity and technical efficiency of yam production in Ondo State Nigeria, with a view to improving its production as a panacea for solving food security problems in the country. The data, mainly from primary sources were collected from 160 yam farmers selected from four local government areas in the state using multistage sampling techniques. The data were analysed using descriptive statistics, gross margin and stochastic frontier production function. The study revealed that yam production was very profitable in the study area and that while all the technical and socio-economic variables involved in yam production were in the efficient stage of resource allocation, educational level of the farmers was in the inefficient stage. The overall productivity of yam production, Return to Scale (RTS) was however in the irrational zone of the production function, thus giving room for future expansion in output and productivity. The Technical Efficiency (TE) of the farmers varied significantly with about 97% variation in their output caused by differences in the farmers TE. While type of farming led to increase in TE, source of land, type of labour and distance of yam farm led to decrease in TE.

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S.O. Ojo , 2007. Improving Efficiency in Food Crop Production for Food Security in Nigeria. Agricultural Journal, 2: 9-15.

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