Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2004
Volume: 3
Issue: 12
Page No. 1271 - 1275

An Ontology-based Mediator of Integrating Heterogeneous Learning Objects

Authors : Hyunjong Choe and Taeyoung Kim

Abstract: With the exploding popularity of the Internet, opportunities for useful E-learning applications have also increased dramatically. However, developing and exploiting these applications entail many challenges such as producing quality content or integrating many kinds of learning resources. Because integrating these learning resources saves time, money and efforts to produce quality learning content, the problem of integration is necessary to be solved for modern E-learning applications. To integrate these learning resources, called learning objects, many world wide committees and researchers had announced their technical standards to support the broad deployment and integration of learning objects. Thus, several metadata standards of learning object such as DC, Lom, Kem et al., were presently used in the world. So we present the reason why integrating heterogeneous metadata standards are needed and how to design and implement prototype using an ontology-based mediator. To develop this work further, we have a plan to push this ontology and a mediator module towards ontology engineering.

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Hyunjong Choe and Taeyoung Kim , 2004. An Ontology-based Mediator of Integrating Heterogeneous Learning Objects . Asian Journal of Information Technology, 3: 1271-1275.

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