Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2009
Volume: 8
Issue: 1
Page No. 14 - 23

On Improving the Naïve String Matching Algorithm

Authors : Rami H. Mansi and Jehad Q. Odeh

Abstract: String matching algorithms are essential components used in implementations of the practical software under most operating systems. It is important to any string matching algorithm to be able to locate quickly some or all occurrences of a user-specified pattern in a text. In this study, we propose three new exact single pattern matching algorithms. These are: FC-RJ (First Character-Rami and Jehad), FLC-RJ (first and last Characters-Rami and Jehad) and FMLC-RJ (first, middle and last Characters-Rami and Jehad). The proposed algorithms rely on utilizing new technique based on occurrence list. The proposed algorithms are analyzed and implemented as a part of the experimental simulation system (RJ-SMT). The extensive testing and comparisons with the Naïve (Brute Force) algorithm show that the proposed algorithms enhance execution time by 7.4, 16.2 and 20.6%, respectively.

How to cite this article:

Rami H. Mansi and Jehad Q. Odeh, 2009. On Improving the Naïve String Matching Algorithm. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 8: 14-23.

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