Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2012
Volume: 11
Issue: 6
Page No. 225 - 230

Performance Evaluation of Chaotic Encryption Technique

Authors : Ancy Mariam Babu and K. John Singh

Abstract: Drastic growth in multimedia communication resulted to numerous security issues in the transmission of data. Moreover, the network used for the digital communication does not provide much security for the data transfer. During this time, tens of millions people using the internet options for essential communication and is being a tool for commercial field increased, so that security is an enormously important issue to deal with. Researchers need to be protected confidentiality of data and provide secure connections for it. Hence researchers necessitate recognizing the different aspects of security and their applications. Many of these applications ranging from secure commerce, protecting passwords or pin and payments to private communications. As researchers, know that Cryptography is now becoming an essential aspect of the secure communication. Cryptography is the science of writing secret code with confident algorithm and key. The basic components of cryptography are encryption and decryption algorithms, digital signature and hashed message authentication code. Researchers know that encryption is the synonym of cryptography. Different kinds of encryption are used in this modern era. Chaotic encryption is the type of the encryption which has adopted the concept of chaos. In this study, researchers are studying the history of cryptography until chaotic cryptography and analyzing the performance of chaotic encryption technique. The evaluation is performed in terms of encryption speed, the CPU utilization with time and the battery power consumption. The experimental results are specified the efficiency of the algorithms.

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Ancy Mariam Babu and K. John Singh, 2012. Performance Evaluation of Chaotic Encryption Technique. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 11: 225-230.

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