Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2012
Volume: 11
Issue: 6
Page No. 231 - 236

Content-Based Video Streaming Using NS2-Design and Simulation

Authors : P. Sankar and C. Chellamuthu

Abstract: Multimedia Content Delivery Networks (CDN) have been essential for the unprecedented growth of the Internet video and entertainment popularity in recent years. Intelligent multimedia content delivery technologies have enabled a wide range of innovative services and applications, including Peer to Peer (P2P) video streaming, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), interactive online games, cloud computing and resource sharing, over the top videos, live video consuming on mobile devices, etc. While the CDN plays an important role in the current digital revolution, many challenges also arise. In this study, researchers present a simulation program for content based video streaming in NS2 where there is no interface for analyzing such content based applications. It is based on the publish and subscribe system. This feature has been used to move the video tags from the publisher to the subscriber through the network and the video is streamed based on the content in the routing process. Simulations for different test cases are carried out to evaluate the performance metrics for video streaming.

How to cite this article:

P. Sankar and C. Chellamuthu, 2012. Content-Based Video Streaming Using NS2-Design and Simulation. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 11: 231-236.

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