Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2014
Volume: 13
Issue: 11
Page No. 707 - 714

Proposal for a New Authentication and Encryption Algorithm for Data at Rest on Cloud Environments

Authors : Sreevidya Subramanian and Ananthi Seshasaayee

Abstract: Cloud computing is technology in this modern era for handling enterprise IT in a more effective manner. It is providing a means for business to meet their IT demands seamlessly simply by paying for the usage as needed and on demand service delivery opportunities. The term cloud computing is continuously evolving with each industrialist giving their own explanation. It is true that no new technology comes without hindrances but with the due efforts from technology experts and SMEs all of these pain points will wash away. Despite of all the positive features it provides, not all industries are effectively taking the decision to move towards cloud environment primarily due to its painful security issues. The current problem now with IT organizations is that without assessing their current risk levels, they migrate on to public cloud infrastructure without thinking through the security of confidential data that is going to be put through in to the cloud. This leads in to malicious insider attacks, hacking confidential data either at transit or at rest. In this study, we will look in to the security issues in the field of cloud computing and address this by providing a stable/fool proof approach and model for session oriented encryption based on unicode storage concept for data at rest. The proposed model will also provide a framework for secure logging and encryption for data at rest.

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Sreevidya Subramanian and Ananthi Seshasaayee, 2014. Proposal for a New Authentication and Encryption Algorithm for Data at Rest on Cloud Environments. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 13: 707-714.

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