Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2016
Volume: 15
Issue: 19
Page No. 3640 - 3648

DT-CWT and IFS Based Fractal Image Compression

Authors : V. Sujatha, A. Muruganandham and R. Mukesh

Abstract: The significance of images has increased drastically in all the technological fields. Though the rapid decoding algorithms exist, the encoding process is extremely time consuming. But, owing to large encoding time of Fractals image coder, its application is restricted. Hence, a fast encoder is needed to extend the application of Fractals technology, to fast communication such as World Wide Web. Here, a fast image coder is proposed which reduces the coding considerably time of image. In this study a fast fractal encoding system is proposed using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform (DTCWT) and reduce the encoding time with increased quality of image can be reproduced. The proposed simple SPIHT (Set partitioning in hierarchical Trees) algorithms used and which is based on not only the relationship between the bit-planes and the target bit-rate. It gives the relationship between the initial threshold and the target bit-rate, can effectively reduce the computation time and required memory space also. The simulation results using MATLAB is compared with pure SPIHT based Fractals Image coder using DWT.

How to cite this article:

V. Sujatha, A. Muruganandham and R. Mukesh, 2016. DT-CWT and IFS Based Fractal Image Compression. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 15: 3640-3648.

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