Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2016
Volume: 15
Issue: 5
Page No. 928 - 932

Ecids: Elliptic Curve Inspired Data Scrambling Method for Securing Data in Hybrid Cloud Using N-Cloud Architecture

Authors : K.S. Vijayanand and T. Mala

Abstract: Cloud computing is becoming popular day by day in the computing paradigm and in the business world. Most of the enterprises, business people, academia and even individuals set up private cloud by consolidating their available resources for an optimized and effective usage of the resources. When private cloud find shortage of resources, it is easy and flexible to hire services from public cloud. Such a model is referred as the hybrid cloud. Among the various services offered by cloud, storage as a service is getting popularity since cloud helps its users to store and manipulate huge amount of data in an easy, flexible and pay-per-use manner. Security issues with cloud computing still hinders people to store their sensitive and business critical data in cloud. The commonly used solution for data security is encryption but most of the cases cryptographic methods consumes large amount of time. More than that the size of the data will be increased when it is encrypted. The increase in the size of the data, while encrypting, will increase cost for storing the data. In this study, an Elliptic Curve inspired Data Scrambling (ECiDS) method is proposed to provide data security in the hybrid cloud environment with the help of data splitting and N-Cloud architecture. The ECiDS provides fast and efficient data scrambling mechanism which exploits a two level data dispersal plan to reinforce the security of information. The data is split into multiple chunks and data bytes is each chunk are scrambled and then stored in to N number of CSPs (Cloud Service Provider). The use of N-cloud architecture along with ECiDS makes exceptionally troublesome for the malicious user to get data since the task of reproducing the original data needs more effort than they can endure. The performance of the proposed system is analyzed with various security metrics and found giving better results and the execution time of the proposed algorithm consumes less time than various block cipher encryption algorithms.

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K.S. Vijayanand and T. Mala, 2016. Ecids: Elliptic Curve Inspired Data Scrambling Method for Securing Data in Hybrid Cloud Using N-Cloud Architecture. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 15: 928-932.

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