Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2017
Volume: 16
Issue: 9
Page No. 706 - 715

Effectiveness of Knowledge Management in the Academic Era: A Case Study

Authors : Mohammad Falahat and Murali Raman

Abstract: Wiki technology as a Knowledge Management System (KMS) is the new topic of progress for institutional of higher learning in the information age. There has been extensive evidence on the positive impact on student engagement and learning experience. Student engagements are in the form of in-class and out-class engagement. However, both are critical to student’s success and learning outcome. The purpose of this study is to look into the issue of in-class and out-class engagement and evaluate Wiki’s technology whether it can be a platform to enhance student learning experience in private higher institutions further. Despite, the fact that this research is focused on the primary research method, there has been a significant contribution in filling the gaps of out-class student’s engagement. Findings suggest that the student learning experience can be enhanced through collaborative groupware such as Wiki technology.

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Mohammad Falahat and Murali Raman, 2017. Effectiveness of Knowledge Management in the Academic Era: A Case Study. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 16: 706-715.

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