Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2017
Volume: 16
Issue: 9
Page No. 716 - 721

Proposed Multi-Level Security Depended on Steganography and Modified Cryptography

Authors : Fadhil Salman Abed

Abstract: A new technique proposed with the combination of steganography and cryptography enhanced with new secure feature for generating a new security system. Cryptography and steganography are two popular ways for secure data transmission in which the former distorts a message, so it cannot be understood and another hides a message, so it cannot be seen. In this study, a new digital message hiding system is proposed for the combination of steganography based on fractal image compression and modified RSA with Diffe-Hellman. The combination of these two techniques satisfies the requirements such as highly security and robustness between sender and receiver. The proposed method ensures acceptable image quality with very little distortion in the image. The main advantage of this system is that, the method used for modified RSA depended on multi-prime with Diffe-Hellman algorithm which is very secure and the fractal transformation technique is very hard to detect in image steganography. It also produces efficient robustness of stego-image though, it had been attacked by other techniques and additionally saved from attacks. Goal of this study is to develop a new security system that messages cannot be retrieved easily from the image by any attackers or hackers in the communication process.

How to cite this article:

Fadhil Salman Abed , 2017. Proposed Multi-Level Security Depended on Steganography and Modified Cryptography. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 16: 716-721.

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