Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2017
Volume: 16
Issue: 9
Page No. 727 - 733

A Hybrid Neuro-Genetic System for Iris Recognition

Authors : D. Elantamilan, V. SaiShanmuga Raja and S.P. Rajagopalan

Abstract: In this research, we have presented a technique for individual recognizable proof in view of iris recognition utilizing genetic algorithm and neural network. The procedure of iris recognition comprises of confinement of the iris locale and area of information set of iris pictures took after by iris design recognition. A neural network is utilized to diminish the low recognition rate, low accuracy and expanded time of recuperation. Here, the genetic algorithm is utilized to upgrade the neural networks parameters. The reenactment comes about demonstrate a decent recognizable proof rate and lessened preparing time. The iris became a much-explored field. Human iris contains unique and very important information about persons.

How to cite this article:

D. Elantamilan, V. SaiShanmuga Raja and S.P. Rajagopalan, 2017. A Hybrid Neuro-Genetic System for Iris Recognition. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 16: 727-733.

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