Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2020
Volume: 19
Issue: 6
Page No. 108 - 115

Effects of Agro-Industrial Residues on Dual Fuel Mode in CI Engine

Authors : M. Mathanmohan and S. Vivekanandan

Abstract: In this study, a fluidized bed gasifier with a capacity of 20 kg h–1 was designed and developed to use agro-industries residues such as Rice Husk (RH) and Sugarcane Bagasse (SB) as a feed stock are used in this investigation. The objective of this work was to generate better gas efficiency based on equivalence ratio, particle size by optimum parameters such as a reactor temperature (t), equivalence ratio (e), pressure (p), feed size (fs) and fuel consumption rate (fc) with the help of design matrix to find the optimum condition and by performing the experimental work for generating Producer Gas (PG) use to drive the CI engine on dual fuel mode with minor modification in engine inlet manifold. This report also reveals the performance of CI engine coupled with gasifier to operate in dual-fuel mode. The full potentiality of biomass for gasification was successfully investigated furthermore, the producer gas from two feed materials used as dual fuel mode with diesel to run single cylinder four stroke water cooled engine with a rated power and speed of 3.75 kW and 1500 rpm, respectively. By considered variables performance such as break thermal efficiency and specific fuel consumption. This study also includes the feasibility of producer gas used as secondary fuel with diesel for different feed materials, considered in this work for the optimum process parameters.

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M. Mathanmohan and S. Vivekanandan, 2020. Effects of Agro-Industrial Residues on Dual Fuel Mode in CI Engine. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 19: 108-115.

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