Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2021
Volume: 20
Issue: 2
Page No. 49 - 59

Inventory Management Application at WanzBikerspot Store Web-Based

Authors : Himawan Lutfi and Saruni Dwiasnati

Abstract: WanzBikerspot is an online business in the automotive category available on the Tokopedia, Bukalapak and Shopee marketplaces. The system that is already running is still manual such as recording sales, incoming goods, stock items, supplier information and making reports that are still written in books. The management still looks at the amount of stock through memory or checks one by one. This of course slows down performance because it is not effective. Sales records and reports are also very time-consuming because you have to write and calculate one by one. Based on these problems, a special website-based application is needed for online stores where the application can see the number of available stock items, goods data, incoming goods data, transaction data, supplier information, input transactions, input incoming goods and create transaction reports that can be printed to improve the performance of the board. Also, there is a fee calculation for each marketplace where the income statement is calculated by the fee charged to the management as the seller. This research is website-based using PHP as a programming language and MySQL as a database. This application is made specifically for sellers in the online marketplace shop. With this application, it can help online shop businesses effectively and prevent data errors from occurring as has happened in the previous manual application of the system.

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Himawan Lutfi and Saruni Dwiasnati, 2021. Inventory Management Application at WanzBikerspot Store Web-Based. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 20: 49-59.

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