Environmental Research Journal

Year: 2019
Volume: 13
Issue: 2
Page No. 64 - 72

The Effect of Urban Development Plans on the City’s Old Context

Authors : Sedigheh Kalantari and Yaping Huang

Abstract: It is about fifty years that thecomprehensive anddetailed plans have been the directing instrument and documents for Iranian citiesspatial development; and the old context of cities not only became agree or adapted with the prevalence of modern patterns and current urbanism impression of them but also this issueimpaired the physical-structural system of the old context and the social and cultural structure of it became unsteady as a consequence. It applied specially about the famous and ancient cities in Iran for its important role in Iran urban system net. The historic core of Isfahan encompasses a large number of valuable buildings and monuments. One of Isfahan urban context features is the water transformation channels that are called as “Madi” which antiquity of this element refers to the ages before Islam. So, this study tries not only to mention the value of such a city element that was very considerable in the past but also evaluate the effects of urban development plans on them. The performed studies are based on descriptive-analytic method and comparative approach. The documentary, library and field interpretationhave been used for information gathering.

How to cite this article:

Sedigheh Kalantari and Yaping Huang, 2019. The Effect of Urban Development Plans on the City’s Old Context. Environmental Research Journal, 13: 64-72.

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