International Business Management

Year: 2015
Volume: 9
Issue: 1
Page No. 15 - 27

Users Satisfaction Towards Online Banking in Malaysia

Authors : Chong Hui Ling, Md. Aminul Islam, Arman Hadi Abdul Manaf and Wan Mashumi Wan Mustafa

Abstract: Online banking was introduced in Malaysia on 1 June, 2000 due to progressive expansion of information and communication technology. It allows consumer to manage and handle their banking account and transactions by using internet facilities. However, this system has not been fully utilized in the country due to a high number of consumers still prefer to perform banking transactions at the counters. The statistic shows that online banking subscribers in Malaysia are relatively low, since 2006 until 2013. The objective of this study is to identify, the factors which determine users satisfaction level using online banking services. Based on the literature reviewed, 6 factors have been identified to influence the online banking satisfaction level namely; self-efficacy, performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social influence, service quality and information quality. The factor performance expectancy, effort expectancy and social influence are based from the UTAUT Model whereas the service quality and information quality are based from D&M IS Success Model. The study used survey by questionnaire approach. A total of 180 questionnaires were distributed among the randomly selected respondents. However, only 125 questionnaires were collected back which made up 69.4% of total questionnaires distributed. It was found that there were 54 users (43.2%) spending <1 h on online banking transactions, such as transfer money to profit organization, third parties, checking account balance, bill payment, make e-fixed deposit placement and other. There were about 32 (25.6%) spending from 1-2 h to use online banking. The 22 of respondents (17.6%) almost never spend the time to use online banking even if they have online banking accounts. There were 17 respondents (13.6%) spending 3 h and above for the said purpose. It was found that there were 41 respondents (32.8%) using online banking a few times a month. The 30 respondents (24%) used it once a month, 28 respondents (22.4%) also used it a few times a week. Then, 14 respondents (11.2%) never used it a month. The 9 respondents (7.2%) use it once a day and there 3 (2.4%) used it several times a day. The findings indicate that factors on performance expectancy, social influence and service quality are significantly positive on users satisfaction towards online banking. However, self-efficacy, effort expectancy and information quality are non-significant. This research provides recommendations to enhance online services and strategies in the banking sector.

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Chong Hui Ling, Md. Aminul Islam, Arman Hadi Abdul Manaf and Wan Mashumi Wan Mustafa, 2015. Users Satisfaction Towards Online Banking in Malaysia. International Business Management, 9: 15-27.

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