International Business Management

Year: 2016
Volume: 10
Issue: 9
Page No. 1642 - 1648

Comparing the Human Resource Development Based on the Level of Organizational Excellence

Authors : Hasan Mohajer and Mehraban Hadi Peykani

Abstract: What determines human society eminent is development. The eminence of public institutions and other organizations is the result of using appropriate Human Resources (HR). This resource is certainly the only vital factor in making organized movement which has a direct relationship with the standards of Human Resource Development (HRD). This study aimed at comparing the HRD based on the level of Organizational Excellence (OE) in Esfahan Steel Co., Iran Refractories Co., Sanaye Giti Pasand Co. and Snowa. The participants in this qualitative survey were among 541 the executive, middle and operational managers. The 225 were selected from four companies on the basis of simple random sampling through Cochran formula in 2014. The required data were gathered through the questionnaires whose content and face validity was checked by the experts and the supervisor. Also, the reliability for EFQM and HRD questionnaires were 0.972 and 0.879, respectively. The data were analyzed through independent sample t-test by SPSS 22. As the results show, from nine dimensions in OE, only two (processes and results of society) were significantly different from HRD and other dimensions (leadership, staff, strategy, companies and resources, results of staff, results of customer and the key results) were not significantly different.

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Hasan Mohajer and Mehraban Hadi Peykani, 2016. Comparing the Human Resource Development Based on the Level of Organizational Excellence. International Business Management, 10: 1642-1648.

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