International Business Management

Year: 2016
Volume: 10
Issue: 22
Page No. 5227 - 5231

Risk-Management in Economic and Financial Systems

Authors : A.A. Ajupov, M.A. Beloborodova, M.G. Sorokina and A.A. Sherstobitova

Abstract: The study is based on the proposing that the risk is a financial category and it can badministered and monitored through financial mechanisms. Risk management is considered according to the system approach. The interaction of the managed and managing subsystems and their cooperation with the external environment is being studied and analyzed. The object of management is a risky investment in the implementation of economic relations between economic entities. These economic relations include an agent relationship arising in the financial market. The subject of management is a team of specialists. They provide purposeful action on the controlled objects through various techniques and methods of financial risk management. The model of management including functions of planning, forecasting, organization, regulation, coordination, incentives, control is represented. The proposed risk management technology in financial flows consists of certain steps provided by the methodology. The examples of financial risk management for the activities of modern company’s computer service are studied and discussed.

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A.A. Ajupov, M.A. Beloborodova, M.G. Sorokina and A.A. Sherstobitova, 2016. Risk-Management in Economic and Financial Systems. International Business Management, 10: 5227-5231.

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