International Business Management

Year: 2016
Volume: 10
Issue: 22
Page No. 5422 - 5431

Institutional Theory the Logic of Institutions

Authors : Sandeep Bhasin

Abstract: Institutional theory focuses on the resilient aspects of social structure. According to Richard Scott, to understand the theory of institutions, one has to consider the factors that shape formal organizational structures, including formal and informal schemes, rules, norms and routines which become established as authoritative guidelines for social behavior. This report research paper looks at the history of institutional research, macro and micro factors that impact the constitution of the institute and different approaches of institutional economics. The study looks at the three mechanisms of institutional isomorphic change. The study also covers the legitimacy of organizational institutionalism.

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Sandeep Bhasin , 2016. Institutional Theory the Logic of Institutions. International Business Management, 10: 5422-5431.

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