International Business Management

Year: 2016
Volume: 10
Issue: 25
Page No. 5896 - 5903

Identify and Prioritize Entrepreneurship Development Policies of Cooperation Sector with AHP Method

Authors : Moslem Mobaraki, Abdolmajid Imani and Noor Mohammad Yaghoubi

Abstract: The purpose of this study, the identification of effective policies to promote entrepreneurship in the cooperative sector and the classification of these factors Three main aspects of infrastructure and operational consolidation and institutionalization of the determination and classification of every size and eventually sub-classification index for each dimension. Current study considering the nature and purpose of applied research is descriptive survey. The population of this research managers of cooperation office in Zahedan and faculty members of the University of Sistan and Baluchestan, of which there are 25 people who received the census. For this purpose, after theoretical studies, entrepreneurship development policy models were used. A questionnaire was used to localize the model of the closed questions of the questionnaire was designed using Likert scale. The questionnaire consisted of the main factors and indicators of entrepreneurship development policies were distributed among 30 that all of them were collected. After data collection and analysis software with smart PLS, indicators that were selected coefficients higher operating loads, eventually prioritize questionnaire with AHP method and the selected indexes were prepared and for the second time a total of 25 questionnaires were distributed to the 20 questionnaires were collected properly and Expert choice software components and subcomponents priority data analysis and the results were presented. The validity of the questionnaire with the professors and experts of cooperation office in Zahedan was appropriate. All of the indicators inconsistency rate is less than 0.1. The results revealed that the infrastructure is weighing 0.413 in first rank and operational dimensions with a weight of 0.327 is in the second rank and the institutional weight of 0.260 is in third rank.

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Moslem Mobaraki, Abdolmajid Imani and Noor Mohammad Yaghoubi, 2016. Identify and Prioritize Entrepreneurship Development Policies of Cooperation Sector with AHP Method. International Business Management, 10: 5896-5903.

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