International Business Management

Year: 2016
Volume: 10
Issue: 26
Page No. 6050 - 6055

The Aspects of Improving Management System of the Ownership Risk in the Conditions of Transformation of Economy of Russia

Authors : Khachaturyan and V. Mikhail

Abstract: The study analyzes problems of improving the management systems of the ownership risks in the conditions of transformation of the Russian economy. The logic of the present stage of development of the Russian economy shows that a key element in determining the ability of the system of management of the organization to generate value for the company owners and the consumers of its products is the risk management system. However, the problem of formation and improvement of risk management system in modern conditions is relevant not only for top managers and owners of private companies but also for the highest levels of management of the national economy. It should be noted that the theoretical discussion of the need to improve management of ownership risks and implement measures to address this issue are a reflection of the lack of effective relationship between management science and management practice both at the level of private companies and the state level. On the one hand, in conditions of falling prices on traditional Russian export of group of goods and economic sanctions there is a functional and political need for the support and development of mechanisms of economic control and management. It is obvious that the economic situation is such that the main types of ownership risks inherent in the frequent company and the national economy needs an efficient and timely identified, edited and managed. Thus, we can conclude that the system of management of ownership risks in the current context aims to organize what could not be organized within the framework of the hitherto regular management system. Systems development management the ownership of risk is the key to successful implementation of both private and public projects in the innovation sphere. While this development not only makes new demands for liability of owners and top-managers for the decisions that need to be implemented in previously potentially unsolvable situations but also creates new ways of assessing the effectiveness of those decisions. New models of analysis, evaluation, organization, regulation and risk management are in the process of functioning of the organizations and entrepreneurs, business consultants and firms providing professional services. These entities control, directly and indirectly, create new templates management ownership of risks as they have a broad range of research practices, the emergence of various kinds of business threats that allows them to redefine the strategic importance and value of formation and development of control systems owner’s risk. At present, it is clear that a key task of development of systems management the ownership of risk is not only the analysis and prevention of potential threats of functioning of the organization but also the formation of formation of mechanisms to reduce uncertainty in external and internal environment of the organization. Another challenge to the system development management ownership is a risk of increasing the efficiency of formation and perfection of the architecture of management systems organization and responsibility of top managers for the results of their activities.

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Khachaturyan and V. Mikhail, 2016. The Aspects of Improving Management System of the Ownership Risk in the Conditions of Transformation of Economy of Russia. International Business Management, 10: 6050-6055.

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