International Business Management

Year: 2017
Volume: 11
Issue: 12
Page No. 2090 - 2096

Enhancing Learning Through the Use of Digital Libraries in Developing Countries Universities

Authors : Billy Mathias Kalema and Refilwe Constance Mogase

Abstract: Developing countries universities are characterised by financial constraints, lack of qualified personnel, poor infrastructure and limited physical space. However, the increasing use of internet and the ubiquitous of Information Technology (IT) enhanced learning tools and applications are dramatically changing and bridging the gaps that existed between the learners of the rich developed and the poor developing countries. With IT, learners can now conduct research, access learning materials of other universities as well as collaborating with others within and outside their environment. It is evident that the availability of information in electronic media has on the other hand created opportunities for global access to information, increased the speed of service and has increased the number of learners being served regardless of the geographical boundaries. However, much as universities have colossally invested in these digital libraries, their optimal use by many learners in developing countries is still limited. The objective of this study therefore was to investigate the usage of digital libraries at universities in developing countries and how such usage could enhance learning. This study used data collected from a university in South Africa to verify digital libraries usage. Data was collected and analyzed quantitatively. The results showed that bandwidth, system complexity, lack of skills, information overload and training significantly impact on digital libraries usage. The empirical evidence of this study is expected to serve as a cornerstone for digital libraries implementation and usage in universities not only in developing countries but also in other institutions world across.

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Billy Mathias Kalema and Refilwe Constance Mogase, 2017. Enhancing Learning Through the Use of Digital Libraries in Developing Countries Universities. International Business Management, 11: 2090-2096.

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