International Business Management

Year: 2017
Volume: 11
Issue: 12
Page No. 2189 - 2195

A Review of Mobile Commerce Applications for Small Medium Enterprises in South Africa

Authors : Wellington Chakuzira, Armstrong Kadyamatimba and Richard Shambare

Abstract: Rapid developments in mobile communication technologies especially in developing countries have raised hopes for fast take off in mobile commerce (m-Commerce). However, consumers demonstrate lack of enthusiasm, possibly due to lack of trust. Modern markets have seen transactions are being electronic transactions conducted using a mobile terminal and a wireless network using portable devices such as mobile telephones and smartphones as well as devices mounted in the vehicles that are capable of accessing wireless networks and perform mobile commerce transactions. This study is going to review the use of mobile commerce advances in South Africa. This study is therefore assumes that mobile commerce contributes to significant progress towards modernizing and providing new ways of offering services to customers. The review acknowledges that the use of mobile communication technologies, particularly mobile phones among micro enterprises in South Africa is quite high. More often than not mobile phones are used by Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to communicate with both suppliers and customers. The review is also of the understanding that limited awareness of product functionalities, capabilities and affordability may be contributing factors businesses not using mobile commerce applications. The implication of this review study is that it potentially explains significant difference between m-Commerce marketing and traditional marketing by exploring the opportunities and challenges brought by the modern m-Commerce practices.

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Wellington Chakuzira, Armstrong Kadyamatimba and Richard Shambare, 2017. A Review of Mobile Commerce Applications for Small Medium Enterprises in South Africa. International Business Management, 11: 2189-2195.

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