International Business Management

Year: 2017
Volume: 11
Issue: 2
Page No. 397 - 406

Competitive Advantage on Hotel Industry in Pekanbaru Indonesia

Authors : Didin Syarifuddin

Abstract: A five-star hotel industry in Pekanbaru City Indonesia does not show optimal of hotel performance, in which there is still low of gaining competitive advantage. It is assumed that the low of competitive advantage, is because of the low of quality service given by hotel where human capital of employee is less qualified. Focus of this study reviewing competitive advantage on hotel industry for supporting from service quality. Reseach method that conducted is survey on customer hotel who ever stays overnight in five-star hotel that exists in Pekanbaru Indonesia. Study analysis of simple regression conducted with SmartPLS, to analyze in exploratory. The study results found competitive advantage will increase by existing the support of service quality. Service quality has an important role where the factor of tangibles, responsiveness and assurance are the forming factors of service quality that have the highest impact. This study has been conducted in the previous research but it is not conducted to hotel-service company, especially ini Pekanbaru City Indonesia. It seems the review in study results, it can be used as supporting information by hotel industry and for Indonesia government in solving the issue of economic development through travel destination.

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Didin Syarifuddin , 2017. Competitive Advantage on Hotel Industry in Pekanbaru Indonesia. International Business Management, 11: 397-406.

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