International Journal of Soft Computing

Year: 2007
Volume: 2
Issue: 2
Page No. 331 - 334

Data Integrity in Fingerprint Images

Authors : A. Merry Ida , V. Kavitha and K.S. Easwarakumar

Abstract: In e-commerce applications Authentication is provided with the combination of user id and password that results in fraud and misuse. Automated biometrics technology in general and fingerprints in particular, provide an accurate and reliable authentication method. However, fingerprint based authentication requires accessing fingerprint images scanned remotely at the user`s workstation, a potentially weak point in the security system. Even though the communication channel is encrypted, stored or synthetic fingerprint images might be fraudulently transmitted. To enhance security, embedding additional information directly in compressed fingerprint images can use data hiding technique. Integrity is incorporated while transmitting fingerprint for authentication. Data Integrity is achieved by hashing the features of fingerprint to that of Unique Person Identification (UPID).

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A. Merry Ida , V. Kavitha and K.S. Easwarakumar , 2007. Data Integrity in Fingerprint Images. International Journal of Soft Computing, 2: 331-334.

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