International Journal of Soft Computing

Year: 2011
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Page No. 11 - 15

Fuzzy PI Controller Based Grid-Connected PV System

Authors : M. Sreedevi and P. Jeno Paul

Abstract: In this study presents a single-phase five-level Photo-Voltaic (PV) inverter topology for grid-connected system. The photo-voltaic arrays are connected to five-level inverter through the DC-DC boost converter. By implementing maximum power point tracking algorithm are producing more power from PV array. The DC power from the PV array is boosted by using the DC-DC boost converter. The boosted DC supply is applied to PWM inverter which is controlled by FUZZY-PI controller. The output of inverter is AC supply, it’s connected to grid. A digital proportional-integral-derivative current control algorithm is implemented in MATLAB version 7.5. For dynamic performance of the grid current will be almost sinusoidal. The total harmonic distortion produce by inverter will be less. The results are compared with the digital proportional-integral current control algorithm in single-phase five-level photo-voltaic inverter.

How to cite this article:

M. Sreedevi and P. Jeno Paul, 2011. Fuzzy PI Controller Based Grid-Connected PV System. International Journal of Soft Computing, 6: 11-15.

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