International Journal of Soft Computing

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 3
Page No. 220 - 225

Conceptual Model of Monitoring Information on the Internet

Authors : Vladimir Averchenkov, Sergey Roschin, Mikhail Rytov, Andrey Averchenkov and Valery Kamaev

Abstract: This study consider approach for developing fundamentally new and better monitoring systems. In detail, this research consider the general conceptual model of the monitoring systems and its main functional blocks, processes, consider the mathematical model and the subject area model. We will also pay attention to weak and poorly developed places of such systems and the possible ways of solving the problems. The main approach to the solution these problems in the study, the knowledge forming system that should provide the following functionality: a description of the subject area; the monitoring of the problem-oriented information; pre-processing the collected information; indexing information; structuring information; the storage and management of information in the data warehouse; the selection of information relevant to user’s query; provision of information to a user in the form, suitable for reading and analysis. The principle of the knowledge forming system is as follows. Periodically using the control module of the system launches the new modules for monitoring and analytics. The purpose of these modules is to find new and updated information resources on the internet relating to the subject of the subject area which is oriented system and adjust the data warehouse system and knowledge base in accordance with the current state of information resources. In parallel with modules for monitoring and analytics the representation module is executed. The purpose of this module is to use the data warehouse and knowledge base to select the data corresponding to the needs of the users and to present information in a form which is easy for both perception and analysis.

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Vladimir Averchenkov, Sergey Roschin, Mikhail Rytov, Andrey Averchenkov and Valery Kamaev, 2015. Conceptual Model of Monitoring Information on the Internet. International Journal of Soft Computing, 10: 220-225.

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