International Journal of Soft Computing

Year: 2019
Volume: 14
Issue: 5
Page No. 86 - 95

Consumer Centric Versioning Recommendation Engine for Web Service-Oriented Revisions

Authors : M. Paul Arokiadass Jerald and K. Vivekanandan

Abstract: The evolution of web services brought a key challenge to the service oriented paradigm. The QoS expectation of consumer is increasing with every web services. The providers are competing with other web services in the point of business. In order to fulfill the consumer satisfaction, the services or products require frequent improvement by providing more functionalities and modifications. Each change introduces a new version of web service. The service consumers are independent with the service providers. The service providers cannot control or even force the service clients to enforce the particular services. Versioning is an important method to be continued by service developers to yield several versions of the aforementioned service to handle linearly at the concordant time. Since, there is no common versioning mechanism to satisfy the user expectation and provide business aspect expectation, we propose a Consumer Centric Versioning Recommendation Engine (CCVRE) which recommends the service provider to upgrade their QoS of web services. Our proposed method considers QoS parameters and feedback of customers about the versioning needed for the web service. We have applied our approach in research with real-world dataset. Our results show that our versioning recommendation engine supports the service provider in the view of business aspect.

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M. Paul Arokiadass Jerald and K. Vivekanandan, 2019. Consumer Centric Versioning Recommendation Engine for Web Service-Oriented Revisions. International Journal of Soft Computing, 14: 86-95.

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