Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2006
Volume: 5
Issue: 11
Page No. 1000 - 1007

Livestock Transportation from Northeastern Turkey with Respect to Welfare Concerns

Authors : Ahmet Yildiz , Zafer Okumu and Armagan Hayirli

Abstract: In this preliminary field study, we investigated factors affecting livestock transportation and welfare issues during livestock transportation in Northeast Turkey. This region provides 14.8% of nation-wide livestock. Thus, livestock production is one of the top income sources for the region. Constituting 33.2% of national grasslands, this region is subjected to heavy grazing and then transfer of animals to other regions. According to demographic distribution, only 3.8% of nation`s population inhabit in Northeastern Turkey. However, the slaughterhouses and the meat processing plants are located in the western region of the country due to high demand for red meat. After ending grazing season (between August and January), animals are transferred to Western part for fattening and to Western and Central parts for sale during the Holly Sacrifice. Animal welfare with respect to transportation conditions, surveillance in animal markets was observed to be insufficient in our region. These challenges included health examination of animals prior to transportation by veterinarians, proper disinfections of vehicles, technical problems in loading and unloading due to lacking suitable ramps, compatibility of vehicles for long-distance transport, provision of feed and water during journey and stocking density in vehicles. Transportation of animals with respect to animal welfare is very important for public and animal health, prevention of diseases and increasing economical efficiency of animal production. In conclusion, Ministry of Agriculture should reevaluate legal aspects of animal transportation, open workshops for people in livestock business and strictly enforce law by employing veterinarians who are well trained in animal welfare issues.

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Ahmet Yildiz , Zafer Okumu and Armagan Hayirli , 2006. Livestock Transportation from Northeastern Turkey with Respect to Welfare Concerns. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 5: 1000-1007.

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