Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2009
Volume: 8
Issue: 11
Page No. 2305 - 2310

Fish Community Structure in Suveri Stream, Central Anatolia, Turkey

Authors : Ahmet Seref Korkmaz and Ozge Zencir

Abstract: In this study, the fish community structure in Suveri Stream with respect to diversity, density and biomass values of fish species were assessed. During the investigation into fish community of Suveri Stream carried out between August 25 and 27 in 2005, 9 species belonging to two families were identified. These fish species were chub (Leuciscus cephalus), barbel (Barbus plebelejus escherichi), Capoeta tinca, Capoeta capoeta sieboldi, spirlin (Alburnoides bipunctatus), tirgis-nase (Chondrostoma regium), bleak (Alburnus orontis), spiny loach (Cobitis taenia), angora-loach (Noemacheilus angorae). C. tinca was the most dominant species, constituting 77.96% of the total communities, followed by A. orontis (14.08%), L. cephalus (2.62%) and C. regium (2.91%). According to the occurrence frequency, C. tinca was considered as constant species. Other fish groups were ranked as common for A. orontis, rare or accidental for L. cephalus, C. regium, Barbus plebelejus escherichi, Capoeta capoeta sieboldi, A. bipunctatus, C. taenia and N. angorae. Density and biomass of fish in Suveri Stream were found to vary between 4843-6865 inds ha-1 and 40.70-60.26 kg ha-1, respectively. The shannon diversity index (H'), evenness index (J') and species dominance varied between 0.55-1.04, 0.27-0.50 and 0.882-0.952, respectively. Diversity index was low due to occurrence of a few abundant species and many rare species. Based on Shannon index, the studied sections of Suveri Stream are categorized as severely impacted.

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Ahmet Seref Korkmaz and Ozge Zencir, 2009. Fish Community Structure in Suveri Stream, Central Anatolia, Turkey. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 8: 2305-2310.

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