Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2009
Volume: 8
Issue: 12
Page No. 2760 - 2762

A Case of Rabies in a Cow

Authors : Ismail Aytekin and Nuri Mamak

Abstract: In Afyonkarahisar province, a Holstein cow, which has TR030000075876 ear-number and born on the 27/04/2002 was referred to clinic with complaints of anorexia and apathy. Pain, salivation, tenesmus, bellowing with tongue hanging out, leaning against objects, attempting to bite of objects, occasional postural appearance of kyphosis, hydrophobia and dysphagia were detected in the clinical examination. Rabies was considered in the cow and the obtained pathological samples (head) were sent to the laboratories of Konya Control and Research Institute. Diagnosis of rabies was made by fluorescent antibody technique in the samples. It was thought that the rabies should be taken into account in ruminants showing neurological symptoms besides anorexia and apathy.

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Ismail Aytekin and Nuri Mamak, 2009. A Case of Rabies in a Cow. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 8: 2760-2762.

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