Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2010
Volume: 9
Issue: 13
Page No. 1880 - 1884

Diagnosis of Psoroptic mange in Sheep by Modified Modified ELISA Test

Authors : O.A. Alnaaimi and B.A. Al-Badrani

Abstract: The present study used modified ELISA to detected the specific antibodies to Psoroptes ovis by using whole mite extract from naturally infested sheep. The total sera was 96 which include 46, 29, 21 from Lambs, Ewes, Rams, respectively and 24 sera from experimentally infested Lambs with P. ovis which include 12 sera consider as negative control and 12 sera which consider as positive control. The cut-off level of negative control sera was 0.532, specificity and sensitivity according to the cut-off were 81.1 and 81.4%, respectively to all groups and when determined to each group the specificity was 91.7% in Ewes, 80% in Lambs and 75% in Rams. The sensitivity was 100% in Lambs and Rams and 52% in Ewes. In comparison with sensitivity to microscopical examination of skin scraping which was 36% in Lambs, 41.6% in Ewes and 20% in Rams. These results were indicated to that modified ELISA is a simple, accurate test and could be used for monitoring of infestations of P. ovis in naturally infested sheep. The prevalence of Psoroptic mange in sheep is depending on results of ELISA was 44.7% while in Lambs, Ewes and Rams the prevalence of mange was 45.6, 58.6 and 23.8%, respectively. High prevalence of Psoroptic mange in Hamdani breed was 71.4% in comparison with Awassi breed it was 37.3% .

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O.A. Alnaaimi and B.A. Al-Badrani, 2010. Diagnosis of Psoroptic mange in Sheep by Modified Modified ELISA Test. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 9: 1880-1884.

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