Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2010
Volume: 9
Issue: 21
Page No. 2698 - 2703

Electrocardiographic Parameters in Purebred Kurd Horse

Authors : Hamid Tavanaei-Manesh and Bahram Dalir-Naghadeh

Abstract: This study was undertaken to determine the normal electrocardiographic parameters of Kurd horse and to compare them with previously published data for other breeds. Electrocardiograms were recorded using Base-Apex lead in 45 purebred Kurd horse aged from 3-28 years old (13 female and 32 male). Heart rate and rhythm, configuration and amplitude of waves and complexes, duration of waves, complexes, intervals and segments and the shape of ST segment were evaluated. The analyses showed that the resting heart rate (mean and standard deviation 32.33±5.54 and range 23-45) of Kurd horse is lower than those of reported from other breeds. Incomplete atrioventricular block was detected in none of the horses. High frequency of wandering pacemaker (28.9%) and sinus arrhythmia (24.4%) and low frequency of sinus block (4.4%) were the other aspect of the heart rhythm in Kurd horse. Significant differences were seen for heart rate, T wave amplitude and duration of PR segment in relation to sex. The results suggest that the electrocardiographic parameters of the Kurd horse are comparable with parameters of elite horses such as Thoroughbred racehorses.

How to cite this article:

Hamid Tavanaei-Manesh and Bahram Dalir-Naghadeh, 2010. Electrocardiographic Parameters in Purebred Kurd Horse. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 9: 2698-2703.

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